About Me

I'm Simone my birthday day is 4th July and I'm currently 20 years old. You have found my little safe place. The space I use to empty my brain, sometimes daily other times not so often... hey I'm only human.

This blog started because way back when I was planning our wedding, I had read other blogs and thought I could do that. I started my blog in secret telling no one and one day when I got my first comment I told my boyfriend (who gets mentioned a lot as the boyfriend). I have since then tried to plan our wedding three times, guess what still not married! But turns out that other things are just as important so this space is becoming less about marriage and weddings and more about my everyday life. My online diary.

So things are a lot like this, I live with the Boyfriend who is actually my fiancé. We live in his Mum's house with her which is interesting. Although we long to move out. I come from a dysfunctional family but does everyone think that. I live on music, TV box-sets, books, blogs and gigs. I am only just starting to find my own style in life and with clothes. I'm currently applying for university with the dream of becoming a primary school teacher. I would also very much like a job as I have been unemployed on and off for far to long. I love cute and girly as well as kick-ass and awesome.

Please comment and email me as much as you want I do love some love. see my contact page for details!

Hope you enjoy the ride.