Tuesday, 7 June 2011


Found on we heart it, beautiful curvy women in Vogue!

Months ago I loved a couple of tops and they were in the sale only problem was that they we're three sizes too small. I was a size 24 and they were a size 18. Now I want to explain something right here I've never been small ever even as a child I was bigger than most children. I also want to explain that my family was the family that did things together like sailing, skiing and rock climbing. Our holidays were always surfing trips or group holidays skiing and cycling I was more active that most. And as a child I would favor grapes over sweets. I was at 10 told that the extra weight was fine because they predicted based on my family and some tests that I was going to be over 7 feet tall... no joke you have no idea how many tests I went through. I had size 9 feet from the age of 11 and I got breast at the age of 8. They all assumed that one day I would shoot up and thin out. Wrong I stand today at 5 foot 6 inches... boy were they wrong I never shot up and the weight never spread out.

But I battle with my weight, I put it on so easy and I eat well. I'm not losing weight because I believe that beauty belongs to the thin, this is far from true. My Sisters and friends they had when I was growing are/were beautiful, confident, large ladies. I believe a person can be interesting and beautiful at any size. But I know my weight makes my Mum and boyfriend worry about my heart and my health that is why I'm losing weight. I don't drink and I don't smoke and losing weight is what is right for my body. So when I tried on those tops that I before Christmas and they fitted, not just I could get it on but I comfortably wore one to work. Well that was amazing because I getting healthier and more confident and that leads to a happier me.

Now I need to tone up and pull in the wobbly bits so if you have any tips for encouraging stories I'd love to hear them.


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