Wednesday, 10 November 2010

The dress search is on...

I find it super difficult to spend money on my self and I love to have a style. Maybe not up-to-date fashion sort of styles more my own personal style. I have tried many different styles, I have been an emo with involved so much hair dye my hair looked like straw. Hippy styles where I wore a lot of sun dresses and then there was the phase where I was crazy about junk jewellery. I’m pretty sure most people do this in they teenage years.

Then I went through a stage of have no money, none what so ever. I got clothes from charity shops (which in no way is a bad thing there are some real finds out there) or family members would see the holes in my clothes and buy me some new ones. While I was unemployed I put on weight like crazy by not exercising and eating pretty much everything. But I’m starting to build up a collection of clothes, I’m starting to lose weight slowly and in a health way (more balanced meals, cutting right down on junk food, no fizzy drinks and smaller portions).

The reason I tell you this is the dreaded wedding dress search. Now I have mentioned before that I haven’t had the best start with the wedding dress hunt. My Mum offered to buy my dress for me… as long as I lost a certain amount of weight, and she wouldn’t even start talking about the dress let alone looking for it until I had lost the amount of weight that she would like. On top of that we had completely different styles of dress in mind.

My Mum kept pointing out big over the top wedding dresses and with crystals and sparkles galore. Which I can totally understand people wanting you only get one chance to rock the fairy princess dress but its just not my style. So I very politely told my Mum that I would but my own dress and she could buy something amazing to wear, she was quite happy with this.

So I have simple tastes and the type of dress I’m looking at is this one but with a white sash…


I saw it and knew that it was just right as it’s a small short wedding it's big enough to rock at a Cathedral not to much that I’m going to feel silly wearing it in the Cathedral hall after! Only problem is its from Aria Dress which means its American and I’m worried about buying my dress online. By the way I didn't even know of this company until it was featured on Rock n' Roll bride! I love wedding blogs! Has anyone done it? Any tips? Because I love it! If not I think I might look into having a dress made but where do I start looking for someone. I’m sure this will be a recurring topic.

Tell me what you think, what dresses do you have in mind?


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