Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Over complicating things…

I have a tendency to over complicate things it drives the boyfriend crazy and makes me go a bit mad. As I said before the boyfriend is not religious but I am, so I was going crazy trying to find a venue that is very us when he has no problems with getting married in a church. Because he knows how much it means to me.

It is the dream to get married in a church really and I have a very good friend who is an amazing priest (more on him later). So once again getting married in the church is the simple thing to do. I love a Cathedral near as and it has the MOST amazing hall, cream walls wooden floor, gold wall lights, huge cream and gold curtains and great windows. The Cathedral is beautiful inside and the hall is on the same sight, and to hire it for the whole day would be around £400.

Cathedral Out side

See perfect in every way, now I know your expecting me to tell you a downside but there isn’t one. That’s me over complicating things. I went to school down the road from the Cathedral and every time I went it was special and really had sense of God and beauty. Me and my Mum even used to joke when I was little and we went to other weddings, well this wedding is nice but it’s not going to be as nice as my wedding at the Cathedral.

Cathedral Inside

The reason it sounds perfect and the dream is because it is. The reason I kept doubting my self… because when is it ever that easy? When do you hear the bride say of its central for everyone, has great reception on the sight, is a bargain and is my dream, oh yeah never!

Cathedral Hall Outside

So I have stopped over complicating it and can announce our venue will be at Brentwood Cathedral. Also the Cathedral is White and Gold everywhere and some things I have already decided on come in white and Gold. So why not just go with the colour scheme we already have.

Cathedral Hall Inside

The only problem I still have is that we are only going to have 60 guest maybe less, the Cathedral could quite comfortably fit my whole senior school in it so I don’t want it to feel like lots of empty space so I need to think about that.


All photo's from Brentwood Cathedral Website

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