Monday, 8 November 2010

I need a wedding planner...

Ok so here’s the deal we’re having a super small wedding just 58 people, which will include everyone we need there. We don’t want a party or a disco as I’ve said before just a dinner with these special 58. We want a killer honeymoon hopefully to New York we have never been on holiday together before and if we’re having a honeymoon well you better believe we are going to do it right.

These are all the simple parts of the wedding, I know who we want there because these are immediate family and very best friends and that’s it. So when I started looking at blogs the type of wedding I fell in love with were the ones where everyone pitches in and a friend makes the cake and the car is one of the family members. You know what I’m on about the one where you can see the love in the air in the pictures and everyone is glowing and you cry just thinking about this wedding of people you’ve never met.

Sounds easy enough when you’re from a huge family right… WRONG. My Mum and Dad are all about looking good to other people and talking a big talk but there is nothing really behind it as I have found out from the wedding my sister is currently planning. My mum wants to show up on the day with a huge hat and take credit for all the things she hasn’t done. My Dad would be more helpful but that would involve my mum letting him. The only experience I have of me my Mum and wedding planning so far is her telling me she won’t look at wedding dresses with me until I lose weight.

Ok so my parents are a no go but what about my future Mother-in-law I hear you ask. Well she wasn’t overjoyed when we got engaged and we have completely different ideas about what a wedding should be. My Mum and Dad got married for £100 in the 80’s which was my Mum’s fourth marriage and my Dad’s first and he planned the whole thing. Future Mother-in-law got married in a registry office with just her husband and her Mother-in-law no party no celebration just to get married. Which is what they all wanted but they think that we should do it like they did it and aren’t up for helping with a wedding that isn’t what they had.

I am close to my sister (sister 1) but at the moment she is planning her wedding which is in 3 weeks and then there is Christmas and I know if I was her I would want a break for a while before planning another wedding. I have my best friend and my maid of honour but she has started a new uni she left the one she was at before and she is ages away.

So that leaves just the boyfriend and me. The boyfriend had been to one wedding in his whole life. His brothers and it was expensive and he didn’t really take much notice of it. I have been to loads but to plan one on your own with no one to really help is getting me down. To be honest it all feels a bit much I don’t even know where to start. I would like to get the boyfriend and I to New York and get married there but when we get home our Mum’s would kill us. So I’m thinking a wedding planner may become my new best friend the only problem is like with all things wedding there is so much choice and with such a small wedding and budget it seems a bit extravagant. So where do I start when trying to find someone to make my wedding dreams come true?

Love and please help

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  1. We're having a small wedding about the same size as yours also on a small budget. Although we hired a day-of coordinator to run around and help us with the set-up/clean-up, we're planning our ourselves.

    My fiance's family is no help whatsoever. In fact, we're not even certain they will bother to show up for the wedding (they're not a particularly close bunch). My family is a little bit better, but they live far away, so we're still pretty much on our own. And yet, we're doing it and I have actual reasonable expectations that it might turn out mostly okay.

    I started with a LOT of online research. My favorite resource for planning the actual wedding and reception has been the Offbeat Bride Tribe. I liked it because everyone there was so willing to share their ideas, and there are forums for every thing you could possibly need to think about for the wedding day.