Monday, 8 November 2010

Opposites make for difficult wedding planning...

The boyfriend is the man of my dreams. Not because we saw each other over a crowded room and just knew we were going to get married believe me we didn’t. We went to the same college we were two people in a huge group of friends but we were the odd ones in the group. He was shy and I was an ‘emo’ with a different colour fringe each week. One day I looked at his Ipod and he was not a ‘chav’ as I had thought; He liked good music, my kind of music. When you are sixteen that is all the evidence you need for this guy to become your crush. So he did and a year later he asked me out. (I will explain more at a later date)

So when your first attraction is based on music taste you never think it will last more than a summer. Believe me, my friends were so surprised that we were still together after the summer. We had grown close found out about each other, found what we liked and disliked. We had totally different backgrounds and totally different beliefs, but this teenage boy wasn’t like the others, he was smart, funny and down to earth.

I am manic, emotional, irrational and loud. He is the opposite to all of the things I am but he knows me no one else knows when I need to be left alone and when I need help. We’re perfect because we work at it not because we’re meant to be. We are only twenty but we’ve really been up against in the last 3 years and together just the two of us we made it through and got stronger every time.

All sounds great right all our differences are what make our relationship work. These differences will get us through a life time you know what is super difficult when you’re two individuals in one relationship, Planning a wedding!

Most things are easy the most important things for our wedding are,
1. Showing our love and the commitment we wish to make to one another.
2. Music, well music never stopped being a huge part of our lives and I think it always will be.
3. Great food that we actually like, we’re not party people we’re put your favourite songs on in the background and have good dinner with loved ones sort of people.
4. Photography because I have a huge appreciation of the art and because I want to be able to show my children how we got married.
5. Having just the people that really know and love us there. I come from a huge family it would be easy to invite everyone but who has actually met the boyfriend, who will actually want to be there to see us married not just to say they we’re invited.

The most difficult thing that we don’t agree on is that I’m catholic and the boyfriend doesn’t follow religion, he’s happy for everyone to believe what they want, he just doesn’t want or need it in his life. So on a day that is supposed to be about both of us it is difficult to plan a wedding where opinions are so different.

I wish I were an American bride. Where you can get married anywhere you want and have a friend ordained to marry you. Because I would like someone that knows and cares about us to marry us (which we have but he is a catholic priest that can only marry us in a catholic church.) But in a place that makes both of us feel comfortable and is beautiful. I’m totally stuck and can’t think of how to find a compromise. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



  1. Some venues are utterly beautiful and whilst obviously not a church can have the same awe inspiring effect. You could also think about which Catholic wedding traditions are important to you and find a way to integrate them too. It absolutely can be done though, so don't worry!

  2. Oh I love love love your blog! Have been reading it for ages, so excited you commented. We are on a super tight budget and Im just completely lost on where to look. Thank you some times all you need to know is, it is possible