Friday, 12 November 2010

Just my life really…

So this is just a post to tell you what going. Today I went and gave all my account details to my new job so I can be paid at the end of this month, hooray! While I was there I saw my name up with all the other training advisers and it was so good that I had to call the boyfriend at work and tell him.

This weekend is my sisters wedding rehearsal and I’m doing a reading, (I’m dysexic by the way so I’m starting to worry that I’ll just forget how to read) I shall tell of the reading closer to the wedding. But I had free rein to pick the reading and when my sister read it she cried so I’m glad she loves it. Not long to the wedding now and we’re all getting very excited.

The rehearsal is on Sunday but the trains are complete rubbish that day (what a surprise) and it would take me like an hour and a half to get there and it starts at 11am so you get forget me getting up that early. So I’m stay at Mum and Dad’s Saturday, which is ok but they have the most uncomfortable sofa bed EVER! But shock horror my Mum is coming to get me! Which is almost unheard of. My Dad will finally have fixed our computer and we will have it home on Sunday thank goodness. I will also get to see Mum’s lovely ginger cats Fat Head and Grumpy. (Not their real names but that’s what I call them) At the moment we’re using future mothering laws computer but I can’t wait to have my Itunes and pictures back!

This all adds up to a very good weekend for the boyfriend who has our room to himself to play Rock Band 3 and other such xbox 360 treats.

So I hope your Friday is going well I might post again before Monday I may not (it’s one of those lazy weekends you see) but I will defiantly be here Monday to tell you about the rehearsal! Sorry for the not very exciting post but it is very exciting to me!


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