Monday, 15 November 2010

I'm sick

Everyone in our house has had this cold for weeks and I avoided it but now I've got it and its kicking my ass. I'm living off sudafed, chest cough medicine, vicks, tissues and sherry. (see picture above) All of this was brought for by my mum over the weekend while I stayed at hers for my sisters wedding rehearsal. It was like being a kid again I was looked after the whole time. (I know I bitch about her a lot but she totally pulled through this weekend even picking me up and dropping me off)

When I get home I am less cared for, the boyfriend has been in doors all weekend playing his xbox. The room is a total mess, the 2 loads of washing I sorted before I left one was done just before I came home other one still on the floor. The boyfriend huffs when I ask for any type of help.

This morning I get up with him at 7 even though I feel like crap, I make his lunch, make him coffee, tumble dry the things he needs, I hang the washing he put on but didn't sort out after he asks me to take his clothes up that are now dry... I do and I download his programs.

But when I asked him to bring cups down did he no. When I called him on not tiding this weekend or this morning does he say sorry no he starts a fight and storms off to work. Leaving me to tidy everything when its taking all my effort to stand and I know I'm having a rant and I'm sorry but today this just too much...

Love a very sick Un-looked-after and put out


  1. I hope you feel better soon!

    And my boy is the same, bless him although I know he tries hard, sometimes. It must be a boy thing!


    PS I am loving the blog, especially since you have come out of your shell!

  2. Thank you Lotti I'm glad someone else's guy carries on the same way lol thanks for saying you like my blog means so much to me some times I think I'm just rabbling to myself