Tuesday, 16 November 2010

What a modern bride should never say...

I know that being a bride at the moment that most of the time I'm expected to have an out there never done before wedding that breaks with traditions and starts my own and I'm totally in support of anyway people want to celebrate there wedding.

But I'm gonna say what your not supposed to say... I think I want the white wedding, the fruit tiered cake, the flowers and tradition. I am one of those girls that dreamt of getting married from a young age. I did find my prince and I want the wedding Disney promised me.

I do not how ever want to be ripped off by the WIC, the knot or bridal magazines. I do not want to look like Jordan in a carriage and huge pink dress. But I would like occasion and elegance on a budget.

I tell you this because although I love love love the individual I went to the end of the earth and back to make my wedding unique style on all the blogs now, I some times feel that all that effort to stand out is another distraction. I also think that trying to plan a wedding to what is on trend such as or wedding dress, colours or theme (vintage) that will one day be out of date and you may look back and be like was that really us or was it what everyone said was cool.

If you as couple only ever buy vintage or are always Eco friendly and you make this a huge part of your day I admire you. If you always break tradition and do it in your wedding or if you stick to tradition because this is an important part of your wedding then you inspire me.

I just wanted everyone to know I totally dig tradition and trying to feel like a princess for today. And if that makes me uncool in blog land then so be it but I'm sticking by my guns.

Oh and by the way I know loads of people will hate it but totally excited about the royal wedding. Congrats!

Wanna be princess
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  1. Hey - nothing makes you uncool in blog land! And if any blogs do give rise to that feeling - then unsubscribe! That's the great thing about it - you can find people who show you cool ways to achieve what you want, whatever that is.

    The thing that gets me most about the 'blog-worthy' weddings are the pictures - staid, posed and bizarre (what is WITH all the jumping?!) - and most of all - with no people in them, as if the guests aren't the whole point.

  2. Thanks for not thinking me uncool and yeah what the hell is with the jumping I don't get it thank you for your comments