Friday, 28 January 2011

It's on people...

this wedding will happen October 2012...

Will will defiantly be able to afford the actual wedding, (dress, suit, photographer [yes really] rings) and if we have that with nearest and dearest then that is good enough for the boyfriend and me. We're all about the marriage not a huge wedding, I know enough and have been through enough to know that life is short and fickle grab what you love while you can.

If in two years we manage to put a reception together that is great, the dream would be an early wedding with a brunch, but if it ends up an early wedding and all going to the green near the Cathedral for a toast then I'm good with that too.

I spoke to my Sister last night (recently married eldest Sister) and she said if I need any help just to ask which after yesterdays post was just what I needed. We agreed once again that our family is useless. I shall be calling on her wisdom soon.

I have decided on a few projects already, to grow my own wedding flowers, yeah I know crazy but we have almost two years, so I'll try this year first and learn, then by next year we will know how to do it. (more on flowers later) I am also planning on DIY-ing our stationary, I'm quite an arty person and have such a clear idea of what would work for us that it seemed natural it turns out that all our stationary is going to cost about £80 with postage included for 50 people.

eeek! I look forward to sharing all the up's and downs of wedding planning with you.



  1. Hoooraaah!!

    Sounds like you have it all figured out - I love the sound of your plans already and feel really pleased that you aren't one of these princess brides. If I could do it all over again I would do something totally different, not that our wedding day wasn't perfect but with the benefit of hindsight things would be different. Still doesn't mean it will be any less fabulous of course! I am so pleased for you. We did it in 18 months of planning, and it flew by. So it doesn't hurt to start doing stationary and whatnot because I found that took the longest

    Congratulations hon xx

  2. Thank you! Its strange to have been engaged for so long and only now have it all fall into place. it was more our attitudes and expectation that needed a rethink. I princesses over here, (The boyfriend might say other wise sometimes lol) just simple elegance. Thank you for saying it flew by it seems like forever away that I'm silly for even starting but we want to do so much ourselves that I think we probably need the time.