Wednesday, 26 January 2011

The heart wants...

...what it wants... and mine wants to be married.

but were broke, I don't currently have a job, and the boyfriend is earning basic money. I hate that money even has to factor into this. We're reading the books and planning a marriage but we have no idea when that marriage might start. I started off wanting a huge wedding that would have been a day to show off to everyone because that is what your told you should do. Now I'm dreaming about a simple wedding where everyone is looked after and happy and we can't even afford this. I want to start planning to get married in 2012.

It sucks...

We don't drink, so there would be no party, the other day we decided we would have brunch! Who doesn't love brunch, and then my Mum and his Mum won't get drunk and be mean to one another. The Cathedral is free and the Priest is a friend. We want the Cathedral Hall for the reception that wouldn't be hardly any money to hire for half a day.

But I'm bummed by how much it is going to cost to hire someone to do a brunch for less than 50 people. So our families don't have to help or worry. Photography is so important to me and I'm looking for someone that creates light emotion filled images that are not over processed, that we could have a disc of all our images without paying more than £2000 ideally not over £1500. But it's like trying to catch a fairy. I already know an amazing hairdresser but want to have my make-up done to because I'm rubbish for me and my bridesmaid with trials that isn't going to cost more the £100.

Photo's from we heart it.

My family are totally unhelpful I don't want money that's not what its about but they don't want to help and they aren't even interested. The boyfriends family are just the same. The boyfriend has only been to one wedding so running ideas past him is a nightmare. How can we want this so much (it is both of us too, were just stuck) and never be getting any closer.

I don't have many friends to make up for a useless family and I feel like is too big for me to do on my own. I wish we could get married just the two of us, but then the unhelpful people would be mad they weren't included... grrr why is there no simple answer!

Please if you have managed to plan a wedding, please lay your advise on me I really need it.

That's all sorry for the moan,


  1. Or instead of brunch how about afternoon tea? Thinking scones, clotted cream, jam, strawberries, posh sandwiches, sweets etc. That way could you not provide alot of the food yourself? Good luck chick! xx

  2. Ah, I really feel for you!! Weddings can be a bit of a pain in reality. I got married nearly 7 years ago and I just went with the flow, I knew I wanted a pretty venue, good photos and a rolls royce. Now I'm getting into the whole business and looking at blogs (and am 30!!) I can't help wondering what it would be like if I did it again....!

    My point being - sod the family, sod the tradition, sod everything but what you want. I love the fact that you're thinking brunch, and carry on in that vain. You absolutely must invite who you want and everyone else can argue amongst themselves - that is the least of your worries!!

    I tweeted you a photographer earlier, and I think she's fab - yes she's my mate, but she's my mate for a reason. She will make you feel relaxed on the day and is a really lovely lovely girl.

    Let me know if you need to knock around a few ideas or anything

    twitter @LillipotUK

  3. Hello Simone

    Don't be disheartened if the wedding is the important part then marrying your other half will be the perfect day whatever.

    I do have an idea for a photographer, David Wadley. he is based in Birmingham but will travel and he will provide a disc of the images and you will have copyright for about £1000. You don't get an album but you can pay extra and get one. He was our photographer and I really liked him. Well it was just a thought.

    And don't stress abou your day it will be lovely. And the afternoon tea could be a good idea as you could make it really pretty with homemade bunting and old jam jars with flowers.

    Well if you want to rant or bounce some ideas of someone you know where I am.

    Lots of love xxx

  4. Lindsey thank you for the tweet I really loved your friends work, but I think we have found someone I will blog about them when the deposit is paid :)

    Lottie your back missed you!!! I do think we have the photographer down now but bouncing ideas at someone would be great thank you so much

    I love you all for reading and commenting and helping... I lobe blogging