Monday, 31 January 2011

Wedding films...

Oh I do love a wedding ladies, I think we all do but I actually don't get invited to many so when I need my wedding fix I first turn to the blogs and then to the movies.

There are loads of wedding films out there that I could watch time and time again but the one I watch more than any other is Sex and the City the movie.

OK so I know this seems like an odd choice I mean would you look at that spectacle above, but when you really look at Sex and the city (if you watched the TV show also) it promotes keeping up with fashion and trends but when it comes to relationships, love and marriage it is surprising inspirational.

The things I take from this film are;

  1. Don't let the wedding get bigger than Big - He had been married before and they had agreed on a small wedding of 75 of there nearest and dearest and then... Oh yes Carrie receives a wedding dress from Vivienne Westwood. (don't we all) Then the whole world is suddenly invited without the groom knowing because he was busy trying to sort out their new house for them to move into.
    - I let this happen when we were planning before, well not exactly like that but people start telling you what you need to have and so do wedding magazines and before you know it your planning an all out circus, some where along the line the Groom never got told. It would throw you too if you turned up and your Groom a costume on and you were about to declare your eternal love in front of complete strangers. I have about a million wedding ideas every day and I could justify using all of them, which would be a mess so I run it past the boyfriend, the shy and sensible one of the couple and we keep the things that suit us and throw out the crazy.

  2. The marriage that happens and lasts is the one that started with a small wedding that was celebrated with close friends at a diner.
    - I need to see this and at the moment I get comments and emails filled with conformation that little weddings can be just as awesome and love filled. I'm also trying to find a stock of blog posts from around wedding blog land to keep and look back on, for the days when I think we are missing out, that we should wait till we can spend £1000's. But we're not that couple we could never justify it we would hate to spend so much money on one day. But when its what everyone else seems to be doing and you see all the sparkly and pretty it hard not to want it.
So you will get many post like this from me showing you where my inspiration comes from and please if you see and blog or and image or you have been to a wedding that was full of love and awesome please let me know!


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