Monday, 21 February 2011

I would like...

...a lovely piece of art.

On Friday I moved all of our room around because we just never had any space. It did actually make a difference and now we have a lovely blank wall above our bed and it is in need of a lovely piece of art work.

I have had my eye on Coulson Macleod artwork for a while and my favorite piece is this one...

I emailed them to make sure they didn't mind me writing this post and asking if I could use there picture. They have informed if you like them on their facebook page and they get up to 1000 fans they will give one of those fans a piece of artwork and the facebook page is where they put up all there deals and discounts. I've signed up hoping to win a piece.

So I'm asking if you have any ideas of any other pieces I should look out for?

[This is not a sponsored post I just really want this piece]

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