Monday, 21 February 2011

What doesn't kill you...

...makes you stronger...

That better be true. before we continue please read or remind yourself of this post then this post.

On Friday evening my Mum sent me a text,
"Hi Sim call me" the way this text was written could have meant anything my Mum still hasn't got a hold of texting yet.

So I called her right away in case it was important.

Me: Hi Mummy (said as a joke she has 3 daughters and we all sound the same so we greet her differently on the phone) what's up.
Mum: thanks for calling well the thing is I've been thinking and it turns out we're not going to be able to help with the wedding.
*Lump in throat*
Me: OK I understand *said a little higher than is right* Well no one has any money and all I really wanted was someone to plan with get excite...
Mum: That's the thing we just haven't really got the time. You can still come stay the weekend you we're going to if you want... but we won't be sorting your wedding.
(at this point I'm so angry It's like I can't breath)
Mum: well any way sorry about that, I've got to go some one's at the door...

I was gutted... I can't believe they offered to help with planning and money, they said we deserved all of these lovely things. They didn't want us to have to go with out. Then not even a week later take it all back. My parents have done a lot of really hurtful things but this is the worst.

I spoke to my Sister about this to see what was going on, maybe they're having a rough time. She said they're fine and she couldn't understand it because for her wedding my Mum paid for her dress and flowers.

I'm so mad and there's so much about wedding planning that's making me angry *that is a post for later this week*

Some times a girl just needs a break and cannot catch one



  1. Oh my goodness Simone. Who could have changed her mind?

    Is it possible to be engaged and just hold of on the planning right now? Just while you get everything else sorted?

    Hugs xx

  2. Hope it has sorted itself out somewhat.