Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Please help make a difference...

That little boy is Ted, and he is my nephew's cousin. My nephew and I are very close in age he is more like my brother the reason I tell you this is that his cousin Ted at only 7 months old was diagnosed with leukaemia, which he had, had since he was 5 months old.

That little boy is really living and fighting leukaemia. Along with his family, he's not just a cute kid used in a campaign. This week Be Child Cancer Aware are trying to raise awareness of child leukaemia, in leukaemia awareness week for one week they are trying to turn facebook and twitter orange, hoping that people will put the picture below as their profile picture in order to raise awareness.

Do you know that cancer is the number one killer in children, higher than diabetes, asthma and HIV yet it gets the least government funding, in fact it doesn't get any. Leukaemia is the most common cancer and 10 children a day are diagnosed, sometimes too late and end up having very strong treatment if they are lucky enough to get that far. Ted's Mum and Dad, Sarah and John are fighting hard to make sure schools give information to parents so they can see the signs, on top of this and looking after Ted They have 3 other children and their lives are affected too.

Ted is in remission but is now suffering from chemotherapy damage to his bowel, which means he will struggle to go to school, he is meant to start next year. To read more about Ted's story written by his Mum go here and to read of other families and children affected please read here. So for the rest of this week please help and the families of children like Ted raise awareness by just changing your facebook and twitter profile pictures to the picture above and help to make the Internet orange. If you could also put the picture on your blog or link to this post to spread the information further that would be amazing thank you.

I'd be forever grateful

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