Monday, 28 March 2011

Could there be hope...

... for the wedding planning?

It seems so, if you follow me on twitter (please do I love a chat) you might have heard my many rants this weekend about venues.

The reason for this being we were planning to get married in a church because it's cheap and easy... but it's not ideal, The Boyfriend is not religious and most of our guests aren't. Also the church doesn't give us a lot of room to personalise the wedding. We're huge on music but having our favourite songs at a wedding is a no go. The readings would mean nothing to most people if we have a church wedding and I have found some cracking readings of a non-religious nature that I want to use.

So we started looking for other places we could use to get married. This is a struggle when you only want your complete wedding to be 2/3 hours. Just a ceremony and champagne reception then off to spend the day together. Most standard wedding places offer the full shabang for a costly price. Also every where is so grand every some of the cheapest spaces are over the top for us. We are a simple couple with simple tastes and this...

...Is just a bit much for us.

So it's been killing me to find a space for 40 people for 3 hours at the most that is a blank space that we can decorate. Until I started looking for gallery's there is hope I got an email back today from one gallery that to hire the whole space for the whole day £500!!!

There is a downstairs space to this as well

The problem now is decorating this space to make it us... so we are really trying to keep everything super cheap and part of me thinks maybe a wedding planner might be the way to go. I dismissed this before because I knew how to decorate a church wedding and keep it cheap but with this I might need some help. So ladies this is my question do you know a wedding planner or someone that is starting out that is happy to work on a super tight budget and that doesn't charge the earth? If you do please let me know because I would love to contact them.


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