Sunday, 20 March 2011

The Dress countdown...

Hello ladies did you have a good weekend mine was fab!

So I thought I'd just right in with the next instalment of my top 9 dream wedding dresses *9 & 8 here* so here we go...

Number 7 - Light in the box *again*

Now this dress is one of my more detailed dresses with the detailed edge and all that crafted tulle this dress is as frou-frou of a dress as I can handle * frou-frou being a term my sister created when looking for her dress* I'm not good at lots of anything but everyone keeps telling me I only get one chance to wear the big frou-frou dress so my heart picks this one while my mind goes crazy. lol

Number 6 - Monique Lhuillier - Grace

Would you just look at that dress. I am very uncomfortable showing my back due to still being a teenager and spots being the enemy and am planing to wear a cover up with the strapless dresses but this dress has that covered. But I've got large shoulders and am afraid this would draw attention to that. I am so In love with this dress it's one of the last ones I found and I imagen it would make me feel like Grace Kelly or Audrey Hepburn. Again not sure that is the veil I would wear.

So again please tell me what you think and if you have pictures or links to your dresses please let me see.


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