Saturday, 19 March 2011

Glorious Saturday For...


It's currently very beautiful here in Essex I'm sitting under an open window, feeling the breeze and the warmth of the sun while sorting out my music collection on the laptop, because it really needs it.

I woke up singing 'forget your troubles come on get happy'... which is almost unheard of.

So I thought we'd carry on with things I'm loving and it gets even better because the wedding planning is now ago. We are doing this, people will always try to get you down admittedly you hope it won't be your family but in this case it is I spent last weekend with my parents and things have smoothed out and they have agreed to help on set things. So the next few posts with be... Wedding Dresses

I'm going to show you the 9 dresses I've managed to get it down to lol. This is a vast improvement if I'm honest. I won't show you all of them at once. I have shown The Boyfriend all of them because I'm rubbish at keeping things to myself and I needed to show someone.(although "they all look the same" was not the response I was going for) I'm not saying that the dresses I'm showing you are going to be drasticlly different but they are the ones I'm honestly considering.

In reverse order - Watters - Sydney

Photo From Here

I like this dress it's not one of my top 5's but it did make it to the number 9 spot. I don't want something to grown up I will only be 22 when we get married I like this dress it's fun and a very fairytale dress, I'm not sure I could pull off that veil though.

At Number 8 - Light In The Box

This dress is from a chinese company Light In The Box that do their own takes on big designer dresses. It's good because brides can put up pictures of their dresses that got from the sight and people leave amazing comments so get a feel of good quality. My Mum is buying my dress but has said I have to pick my dress then we will get in made from a website like this (so if you have any recommendations please let me know.) I'm a curvy girl and I like the way this dress really shows of the waist which mine is quite small for a girl of my size. I would have this dress in ivory I think it would be so easy to wear.

Thats the two for today check back Monday for the next two.



  1. Number 8 is beautiful! Looking forward to seeing the rest of your choices. I'm trying to break my habit of looking in the window of wedding dress shops.

  2. thank you I can't believe that I'm going to get to wear one of these dresses! eeek

    I don't think I will ever be able to walk past a bridal shop without having a look it drives the boyfriend crazy I just stop dead still when I find one and he keeps walking and finds he's talking to himself... oh well lol