Saturday, 16 April 2011

A good day...

I share a lot of the crap that goes down in my life because if I don't let it out then I might kill someone. However when all the joys that life gives me I sometimes forget to blog about it because I'm too busy smiling and skipping.

Today was a pretty ordinary day really nothing magical happened, but I'm sitting in the bath (yes I'm blogging in the bath on my phone I know I'm crazy) surrounded by vanilla candles listening to my favorite music and I am content and happy peace. And the boyfriend is racing pretend cars on the xbox so he is definitely happy.

The last weeks was rubbish I suffer severely with acid reflux I can't even describe how painful it is. Which means I hadn't slept all week. So last night I was losing it, I was exhausted, in agony and just needed to rest. The boyfriend found extra strong pain killers and made me decaf tea (ordinary tea gives me acid reflux) got me ready for bed and we watched 30 rock. He was a magician the pain killers kicked in with the lovely side effect of drowsiness, the tea soothed my insides and my boyfriends hugs and hair stroking soothed my soul and sleep happened naturally.

This morning the boyfriend woke at 6.40am! But left me sleeping until I woke naturally at 10am because he knew I needed it. We had breakfast together, sorted with his mum all the new food we want as we're jointly trying to live healthier. We got his bike out the shead and washes it all down so we can use it more but it needs new tyers.  Then he played rock band while I searched for courses (more on this in another post) and other things and it was wonderful.

Then I cooked dinner, cheese burgers yum! These burgers are so big our grill can only take two at a time so I cooked his first. He sorts the buns and cheese I the burgers always the same. He wondered off to the the living room as he was coming back I hid behind the door to jump out and scare him... it worked lol. It resulted in him tickling me until I was laughing so much I couldn't breath, he was really laughing too it was a lovely moment. Not something mind blowing or earth shattering but one of those moments I hope never to forget.

Then his dinner was done I started mine but I forgot to empty the fat out of the grill pan before I started mine the grill was on super hot and the fat caught fire! Flames jumped out of the grill I've never seen anything like it in real life. I instantly panicked and started shouting. The boyfriend doesn't know what to do (he told me) then his brain kicked in and he was wetting towels and throwing them on the fire. Seeing him taking control calmed me and my brain kicked in. I got a wet towel put it round my hand and got the pan out of the grill once on top the oven the boyfriend threw one more wet towel on the grill and the flames wet out. I was shaking and in shock he was totally cool hugging me saying Simone its good it, we're ok. We make a good team it doesn't always take flames for me to see it, but we really do make a good team and sometimes I that for granted.

He knows how to sooth my pain, to keep me calm, to solve my problems, make me laugh till I can't breath, he knows me like no other and I him. Tonight I am very aware of this and unbelievably grateful. To have my best friend and to know on the days that I write more about that aren't so great that he'll still be by my side fighting it with me. It's late and the vanilla may be going to my head but I feel very lucky and fortunate. I think I take it for granted a little to often and that's going to change.

So what/who are you thankful for? And why?


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