Monday, 18 April 2011

Education, gifts & 21st birthdays...

I'm going to be 21 in July, which is awesome because I planned for my 20's to be my decade and 20 has been a bit hit and miss so far. It is however also quite scary as it means I'm a serious grown up. Anyway back to the point it's my birthday on the 4th of July and people are already asking what to get me as it's a biggie.

For ages I have wanted a digital SLR camera, for about 6 years but they're pricey. My Mum and Dad knew this and when I told them that I was going to university they said as a 'We're so glad your going to uni & a 21st birthday present' That they will get me one. EEEK! Also the boyfriend asked me what I would want. I like gifts to be practical and that can really get some use out of so I asked for a sewing machine that may seem like an odd request for a birthday present. I have always been crafty but recently I'm finding my own style and the style I liking of basic 50's style and summer dresses is limited in my size, so I'm going to make some.

So to make the most out of these gifts I going to take some courses at our local adult college. First up a basic digital photography class, then a basic sewing hand and machine class, finished off with a fashion sewing class. Each of these courses is so reasonably priced it's silly and I am as excited about the classes and the learning as I am about gifts.

My Mum and Dad always did classes when I was little, they had a lot of fun met knew people and learnt new things all the time. Knowledge always excites me (probably why I want to be a teacher) so what better way to celebrate the fact the I have been here one more year than to fill my mind with some wonderful new skills.

Is there anything you have ever wanted to learn or take a class in? Have you taken classes what did you think? What did you ask for when you last celebrated a big birthday?


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  1. Sounds like you have chosen fab gifts. For my 18th I got a silver watch from my parents which I still wear today and for my 21st I got a trip to Barcelona {I was studying Architecture at the time}.

    This year im having a biggie too; im going to be 30!!!! Eeeeek!

    I have absolutely no idea what to get and as you say everyone wants to know and get something I really want.

    So far my thoughts are maybe an SLR or a Kindle although im not sure about something electronic that I wont keep forever etc so im also maybe thinking a new watch to replace my 12 year old one or a new ring.