Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Head or heart...

Love is a funny thing; You find someone for what ever reason and give them everything you have. Your hopes, dreams, feelings, insecurities, heartaches and everything else you can, you trust them. But they're just a person, and people are known for their mistakes. So what's the difference between a mistake and the start of a behaviour you haven't seen yet, between a secret they didn't share but knew about all along?

My Mum says that one burst of violence is not justified for any reason that it will never be just once. But when you think about that idea, that hidden some where, maybe down the line is more violence maybe more serious and then you put that idea in the same thought as someone you love, as someone you gave everything too of someone you made promises and plans with... well it seems ridiculous... but also it is utterly terrifying.

Think about all the ammunition they have, think about how much you might be willing to let them get away with. So for the first time ever I see the reason why adults tell their children they are to young to understand love.

You could go on for years having nothing happen everything could go to plan and this never happens again and you will laugh at the thought of walking away from your love and your future. But what if you stay and you fall more in love and let more slide and become acceptable and you've been in it for longer and you can't get out and you wish more than anything you had taken the heartbreak and life change at 21 instead of at 31.... it's all so confusing... head over heart which one is stronger?

That's why tomorrow I'm going away for a few days to listen to both, not surrounded by my home and all the trinkets of our love it is filled with. This maybe be the toughest thing I have ever had to consider. Again sorry if this is too personal, and if you have any advise comment or email.


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