Thursday, 14 April 2011

Personal Pretty - Hair Bows & Head Bands

I had my hair cut last night... and no I didn't have my head shaved. The boyfriend look horrified when I showed him yesterdays post and said I loved her hair. My hair dresser gave me a beautiful new side fringe and some lovely layers. So now when my hair drys naturally it goes into gorgeous beach waves. YEY! Summer nautural hair.

So to go with my lovely new hair I'm totally lovely bow hair accessories! My two favuorite places for hair accessories are and Accessorize. So lets see some pretty shall we... Signature Scarf & Two Tone Satin Sash

Accessorize Chiffon Bow Bando, Summer Rose Jersey Twisted Alice Band & Twisted Printed Turban Alice Band

Accessorize Amalfi Butterfly Bow Alice Band, Tropical Stripe Trim Bow Alice Band & Florence Floral Alice Band

If I could splash out then I would love this beauty from Butler and Wilson. Just look how wonderful it is it's the Multcoloured Crystal Flower Hairband I want it sooo bad!
But if I won the lotto it would have to be the amazing Louis Mariette... This is where the real sparkly pretty is. I present Fleur & Venus...

So what do you think? Do you know any other great places for hair pretty that you could suggest?


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  1. Oh my these are just gorgeous