Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Hair Crush...

Ginnifer Goodwin

I am looking for inspiration with my hair and was looking on google and found this picture. Just look at her! I love her I have done since I saw her in the film Mona Lisa Smile. But she looks gorgeous! I wish I was this brave with my hair. She is so gorgeous! Huge girl crush.

I have done the short hair thing and it suits but I get so bored and start thinking I look like a man because I never really know what to do with short hair. I now have long hair and I know how to make it look good but it takes so much effort everyday. It also isn't very easy to stand out. Any way our hairdresser is coming tonight she comes every two months. I was hoping you can give me some awesome hair ideas so I can look as stunnning as Miss Goodwin.


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