Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Personal Pretty - Bikes

So the first proper post on the new look blog is all about bikes. Yeah I know doesn't sound thrilling but I'm not talking any old bike my friends... oh no! I about to show you the most beautiful bikes I have ever seen, bike art if you would. Most are from Electra and one from Pashley. I give you the comfort bikes....

Electra Amsterdam

Electra Cherry

Electra Daisy

Electra Flower (I LOVE!!!)

Pashley Poppy

I Currently live in an area close to London with very good public transport and What ever uni I get into will be near a city with public transport and I love trains so there is no need for me to have a car. (also I had a horrible experience with the 5 driving lessons I had)

I would love one of these bikes I have always been a fan of bike riding since I was tiny and had my own seat on my Dad's bike. I love the outdoors, the fresh air, getting to see places not just pass them. Also how amazing would it be riding one of these bikes in a little summer dress! (I long to be Allie in the film, The Notebook)

Maybe if I'm really lucky I could afford one of these before I'm 30, as they range from £400 - £600. A little too rich for me at the moment. Any way how do you feel about bikes? When was the last time you rode one? Do you have a secret bike crush like me?


*This is not a sponsored post I am just in love with the bikes, maybe if it were I could afford one lol*


  1. I have a bit of a thing for pretty bikes. I've got an 80s Raleigh folding bike and would happily add more to my collection!

  2. I adore pashleys, but I live in quite a hilly rural area, and I'm not sure it would be so practical. But if you live in a city it would be great for popping to the shops, or to uni!

    I do have a vintage Raleigh bike that I adore.


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