Friday, 20 August 2010

All of the people around us they say Can they be that close...

I said that I had taken weddings off this blog and its true that isn’t its main focus anymore, but my head does occasionally get filled with big white dresses and cake. However today it is not my wedding that fills my head but that of my sister. My sister is the best part of my family; we’re on a level that other members of our family are not. This not usual for sisters I imagine but my sister is 15 years older than me, and her son is only 18 months younger than I am. As a child this meant she played a mothering role in my life, always being asked to look after me by our mum and the age difference meant that I was closer to our other sister when I was younger.

So as I got older it could have been very easy for my eldest sister and I to grow apart. But we worked at it, because it’s difficult to change your relationship with someone. Now she is the first person I go to (after the boyfriend of course) to talk, to cry or to tell good news. We sit and we moan about our family and life, we just understand each other for this I’m so grateful.

The best thing about thinking the world of your big sister is it’s even better when she becomes one of your role models in life. If your good at maths you can probably tell from the first paragraph that my sister had my nephew when she was young. She brought my nephew up to be a really lovely boy, that’s funny, popular, good to his friends, really good to his family and she did that on her own. Even now he is older they still talk all the time. So when my nephew was growing up my sister took care of him and now she’s doing her partying and spending time with her friends and she does it will grace and dignity that other people could never pull off. Once my nephew was older my sister got out there, found a job and she has worked her way up something I don’t think I would have had the courage to do. Most of all she has found love with a man that is so perfect for her it’s lovely and they are planning to get married this year.

I have already mentioned my mum before and although so is a good mum she looked after us all well and gave us everything thing we needed in life, she can be changeable a bit of a loose cannon. This is never more obvious when a party or wedding is being planned she goes around telling the world that she is planning and paying for everything, that the event will be bigger than an Elton John party, when in fact you ask for the help she’s telling everyone about and she forgets she ever said it. She will invite everyone to party even if you the person it if for doesn’t know them and she’ll get drunk and moan about everyone.

I don’t know why she does this but this means that come the day of the party or in this case the wedding she’ll busy talking to all the people she invited or getting herself ready. Which means the person the day is about can feel a little kicked to the curb, there are no motherly words of love, advice or crying. This was made apparent to me last night as my sister and my mum had a hick-up over my sisters wedding and who would be there to see her get ready. After the phone call I sat with the boyfriend and was really angry because my big sister who has always been so good to me deserves the morning of emotional moments with her mum and being centre of attention, not my mum stressing her out. So to my sister I hope your wedding will be perfect because no one deserves it more than you and I will do everything I can to make the morning of your wedding as magical as can be.


Song For To Day: We Are Family – Sister Sledge (reminds me of my sister)

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