Friday, 27 August 2010

Say you don't need no diamond ring and I'll be satisfied

When I got engaged two years ago I was given a ring, as most girls are and it was what we could afford. It will always be beautiful to me because the boyfriend parted with his hard earned cash and chose to get me a ring. However it no longer fits, not because I have put on weight, which I have, but because at the young age of 20 I suffer with arthritis. My father has had it since he was 16 and my mother now suffers with it. It causes my fingers to looks like stings of sausages.

So for many months now I have been unable to wear my engagement ring. This sucks! I love wearing my engagement ring. I love the memory of the day it was given to me. I love most of all want it means and what it promises. So the other night when the boyfriend and I got some money and we went out for a date. (the first one in about a year! Because he now has a job we can.) Something in side me kicked up like a small child, and I just came out and said to him, I sick of not having a ring I just want something any thing to wear on my finger. So we went to a shop that sells plus size clothing (I hate the term makes steam come out of my ears!) and bought a very simple £8 ring that sparkles and reminds me of the promises. Never have you seen a girl so happy with an £8 ring to be fair it could have been a piece of plastic for all I cared. The point was we have made a promise and I want the world to know. I turns out the ring is slightly too big and I have to go and exchange it today but still so happy to have a ring.

The point of this post is that it angers me that so much is focused on how much someone’s engagement ring costs my dream would be the Tiffany legacy, but that comes with a big old price tag! 1 carat is over $12,000. I’m not the girl that dreams of the Tiffany blue box. My dream consists of having a flat and having a family one-day.

I found a ring almost the same with wedding band £47 including delivery! No its not diamonds no its not platinum. Yes we can afford it and it’s beautiful to me.

So when the other day someone posted of Facebook ‘why cant people my age get a grip and realise being 'engaged' doesn’t constitute marriage, it means you went to Argos and got a ring for a few quid.’ This angers me, there’s nothing wrong if you love each other and Argos is all you can afford or you’re not stupid enough to pay out mega money for a ring. And why does being young mean people can’t really be in love and be promising there lives to one another.
So at the moment we can’t afford the £47 ring because I’m unemployed and the boyfriend has only just started work and a lot has to be paid for, but in a few months we will be able to. So for now I’m off to change my £8 ring for one that fits and I couldn’t be happier. To all those that have got a cheaper version of the perfect ring why lie about the price why not show that your not a push over and that money doesn’t show the value of your love.

Song For Today – Money Can’t Buy Me Love – The Beatles

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