Wednesday, 27 October 2010

All Fur Coat and No Knickers...

... as my mother would say.

This time last year I fell in love big time, not with the boyfriend that was long before but with a coat… now I know what your thinking come on Simone a coat really are you that materialistic well sorry folks but sometimes I just am lol.

It was a leopard print faux fur coat. It was a hell of a lot of money and I had just started my job. They sold out before I even got close to owning it. Well a whole year later the coat is back! Love is love and I decided I should own the coat.


So yesterday was payday and in the week leading up to pay day I watched the coat go into last chance to buy (scary) and have 10% taken off it and then I found a code for 20% off so the coat was getting better everyday and yesterday I purchased it!!!! It will arrive tomorrow. I paid for it on my first ever debit card and I can’t wait (I shall be wearing it for my sisters wedding).


The main reason I love the coat so much is that I know when wearing it in my head I will feel like woman above totally sexy and cool (minus the smoking obviously) and everyone deserves to have one item that cost huge amounts and makes them feel like the most sexy woman alive.

Love from a very happy


  1. OMG i have the same feelings about a black faux fur 50's inspired coat.... so i went and i bought it. Wearing it to a charity ball this saturday with my polka dot wiggle dress and i will feel FABULOUS! All hail faux fur!


  2. Well the coat arrived yesterday and its even more amazing than I thought it would be.
    Faux fur coat definatly the way to go this winter