Saturday, 23 October 2010

A little perspective...

Today while waiting for the bus there was a couple that could have only been 16 at the oldest. They were dressed in uniforms for a good school aschool their parents had to work to get them into. The boy had stripes on his blazer for sports and swimming and the girl had an art portfolio at her feet.

When I really looked though the girl was rocking back and forward, shaking so aggressively and sobbing so much that she was struggling to breath. Her eyes were completely glazed over she had no idea that the world was still continuing around her the reason for this was explained by what she was muttering in-between sobs "I can't be pregnant, I can't be pregnant".

It killed me to watch her to know how she feels. That her whole world was now changed and what ever she decides to do now will stay with her forever. She looked so young and frightened.

But the beautiful in her sadness was her boyfriend, his face was white and occasionally he looked around at the world almost begging for someone to give him the answers but even in his own shock he never let go of her. He held her close stroked her face and told her again and again "i love you, I'm right here".

Never have I seen a purer love between to people. When their bus arrived she stood up her knees wobbly he supported her all the way to the bus.

I was an outsider today of someone's life altering moment but I've been that girl young with no money, no support and pregnant and it was honestly the worst time of my life. But now I'm doing so much better than ever before and I'm so unbelievably thankful. So my thoughts ever since have been with that frightened couple that I probably won't meet again but I wish with all my heart that this is the making and not the breaking of them....

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  1. That must have been hard to see, especially having been through that turmoil yourself. I hope her family decide to care and support her through this x

  2. Yeah it was and I hope so to. Thanks for your comment on this post and the one the other day xxxx

  3. Very eloquently written, you are a wonderful writer x