Wednesday, 20 October 2010


It was so cold today that I have to put on ugg boots, a fleece and a scarf to hang out the washing I'm not complaining honest I'm not I'm one of those strange people that prefer the cold to the hot. Hot weather made me moan abbey sweat cold weather means cuddles, great pj's, lots of tea andx most of all snow :D winter and autumn wins hands down. I just wasn't expecting it to be so cold just yet and I have to get and busses to abbey from work which means standing around in the cold. So the boyfriends mum offered to lend me the money to get a really lovely coat I have had my eye on I'm so gratefull as pay day isn't until get Tuesday and its only going to get colder.

So before I started my late shift at work ( I work in Peacocks and I love it actually) I went to get my coat from new look. I got it but why oh why are the staff in there always so rude! I work the same job as them but manage to make customers feel I want to help them and always with a smile on my face so is it to much to ask that I expect that in return I think not!

But I do love my coat! Ok rant over what gets you mad?

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