Wednesday, 20 October 2010

I am who I am...

I was writing this blog anonymously I thought that some how that it would keep me safe if someone I knew found my blog but in all honesty if the person knows me then they would figure out its about me or them anyway.

I started this blog because I was lonely I went through year of depression where I shut myself away and slowly fixed myself. While trying to do that I needed something to keep me entertained so I started to plan our wedding over a year ago now. But I had moved in with my boyfriend and moved far enough away from my family that it wasn't easy to vist and all my friends where off at uni or living I was struggling and healing. Planning anything isn't much fun when you don't have anyone to jump up and down with when you think you have found something perfect. So I started this blog to share with people about the wedding I was planning without them having to know everything else. However the wedding had to be put off and I slowly stopped writing.

I started writing again because I needed to my head was so full of thoughts and I was still distant from friends and my family aren't the talk about it kind and the boyfriend well he sees it all so sometimes its too much to talk about it too.

So take my hand my whole life to really became about my whole life (by the way the title was from the song can't help falling in love with you, makes me cry every single time I hear it) So this is me Simone lucinda but you can just call me Simone nice to meet you. (but never Simon, timone or mo)

Some things about me well I'm a hopeless romantic, my main passion in life is music one song can change a life end of. I'm crazy about the moon and the stars just so beautiful and bind boggling. I love tattoos I have one abbey would be covered in them if I had the money.

I really love writing my blog I feel such pride for it and such community amongst the blogs, and nothing makes me more excited that seeing in that stats that people are actually reading the rubbish I'm writing, actually getting comments on the blog makes me do a little dance, I love Twitter although I'm not sure how to use it properly yet.

I'm dyslexic so excuse the spelling although its mainly maths I'm bad at. I love my htc phone don't know what I'd do with out it. I'm partial to leopard print. I suffer from arthritis. I'm 20 but I have always thought and acted at least 10 years older than my age. I used to drink to much so now I don't drink alcohol. I love art and photography. And great tv shows.

Most of all I'm in love that's the greatest too, someone that knows what I think and how I feel when sometimes I'm even confused. I don't always get it right and I'm learning every day.

So please come along for the ride I have a feeling this decade will be my decade (fingers crossed) and always say hi you will make my day now let's have some fun.

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