Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Easily pleased...

For the last week I have really struggled getting to sleep if I hear any noise it turns me into some night monster that shouts at people. My brain is so full of thoughts all the but sometimes they're not even important.

So yesterday it was just too much I told the boyfriend the night before to wake me when he got up but when I told him in the morning I haven't been sleeping he left me in bed. While laying in bed I realised I needed to turn the hot water to have a bath before work and I text the boyfriend asking him if he could do it.

The boyfriend left for work and hadn't turned the water on, he hadn't got my text but he did see the text while on the way to the bus stop. So when he did see it he came all the way back, back in the house to turn the water on.

I know I am easily pleased but this meant so much to me I suffer badly with joint pain so every single morning it feels like I've been hit by a truck and a really hot bath is one of the only things that help and when I did get up yesterday I really ached and I was exhausted and that act of love made my day.

It also made me late for work because the water was so lovely and warm that I laid there for ages soothing my aches and thinking how lucky I am. But totally worth it.

So when he got home and I told him he made my day and that it was a lovely thing he did, he was like oh ok it was no bother and couldn't even see why it was a big deal I love the boyfriend very much.

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