Monday, 18 October 2010

What do WE want?

Yesterday when I was thinking about the wedding the first thing you need to decide on is what kind of wedding you want big or small. I have been planning the wedding on and off for over a year and every time I kept switching between big wedding and small wedding.

I come from a huge family and have been to loads of weddings big and small but being the hopeless romantic that I am I always pictured myself having a big wedding. I guess having a big family has a lot to do this this you think everyone will have to be there that you want everyone to celebrate your love but as you get oldder big families have a tenancy to become detached and now all those people I thought I couldn't have a wedding with out haven't seem me in 3 years. So that made me think I really just want people there that really love me.

Then it not just me getting married its the joining of a couple and the boyfriend comes from a really small family. Also he's shy and neither of us drink. Him because he'd rather spend his money on stuff he enjoys and me because I don't have a great history with drink and I'm far better without it. But we both have mothers that LOVE the vodka and they can both become mean quickly on a drink and this worried us. So what ever wedding we would have it would need to be one with limited alcohol. Because I don't need to be stresseda about our mothers on our wedding day.

Finally a party, well I sat down and really thought about it and the last 3 weddings I remember going to sat in the corner all night talking. In fact every party I go to I don't like the music and I sit talking. Unless I'm drunk but see above. The boyfriend HATES parties he's not a grumpy we have loads of fun together but never when being force to dance or being persuaded to drink.

This led to as asking ourselves why are we planning a big wedding with a party when we don't like lots of people or parties? Oh that's right we were planning it because that's what a wedding is "supposed" to be. And because we know certain people will judge us for not having a party.

Well I have read enough blogs and been to enough weddings to know that as long as the bride and groom are madly in love with each other and are true to what they want that is what makes to best wedding! So it shall be an elegant intimate wedding followed by dinner with the people we love most and that is alright by me.


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