Sunday, 17 October 2010

and so it starts...

Yesterday on the two year anniversary of our engagement the boyfriend and I started our wedding planning!!!

I tried to plan our wedding before but I didn't really get very far. Then we realised before that we really couldn't afford it so put everything on hold. Yesterday the boyfriend and I sat down together and started planning what we wanted.

I'm going to be telling you step by step what we're doing but also I am no expert at this as any advice or suggestions you have are more than welcome on here or on twitter.

So my first question is should I be looking at getting a wedding planner? I thought this was something only rich people did.

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  1. We didn't hire a planner, but we did hire someone to act as our "day of" coordinator to handle the chores of setting up/getting the last minute items that we need (like ice, picking up our food and cupcakes, serving, cleaning up, etc.). A full-blown planner would have eaten up too much of our budget, and also we wanted the wedding to be something that was really our labor of love.

    I think whether you will need a coordinator will depend on what your wedding plan is, and where. You may find that you are happy going with an all-inclusive location so that you don't have a lot of outside vendors or set-up to do, in which case you won't need any extra help. But if you choose something that requires a little more effort on your part, you will probably want to have someone on hand to help take the burden off of you and let you enjoy the wedding.

  2. Thank you yeah I was thinkint about hiring someone for on the day because my sister is getting married soon and she isn't and its really stressing her out. I like what you said about it being a labour of love :) I think that's what we will try thank you xxxx