Thursday, 28 October 2010

Sisters are doing for themselves...

It’s my big sisters hen party on Saturday. So until then all posts will be sister or hen party related. My eldest sister who’s hen party it is (Lets call her Sister 1), is 36 and my other sister (lets call her Sister 2) that is organising it all is 32 and I’m 20 so you can see the big old age gap there.


We all have different Dads but the same Mum we were never brought up to say half sister we were sisters end of. In fact I actually once hit a girl that worked out that they were only my half sisters I was young and it was my party so I did as I pleased lol. We are all very different they are both extremely loud.

Sister 1 has a heart of gold and would do anything for me but is a total control freak. Is well organised and we always say we are the normal two in the family.

Sister 2 is loud, always up for a fight could drink any man under the table till her late 20’s and is the fastest eater I’ve never seen. Sister 2 and I are both dyslexic she is good with numbers and I really am not!

I am shy compared to the other two I don’t drink but I’m arty and creative and I’m told all the time by family that I should try not to be so nice all the time lol but I can be very needy and impatient. I plan lots of things that never let finished.

Because of all these differences sometimes we don’t get along but I tell ya I always have their backs and they’ve always got mine end of no question about it!


One thing I should explain is we’re all tough, we can more than look after ourselves our Mum taught us to be independent, not to need a man we all think nothing of doing all our own DIY and decorating. Our Nun wasn’t much on the loving and nurturing, so our Mum wasn’t like that either. The reason I tell you this is because the role models in my life have always been my Sisters.

Sister 1 fell pregnant at 16 and my Mum kicked her our she looked after her son and me for ages when I was little and did a really good job my nephew is a great young man (only 18 months younger than me). When he got older she started doing all the things she hadn’t she went out and partied she always had lots of friends and now she has a great job and is about to get married and she did that on her own.

Sister 2 really struggled from a young age with school before anyone knew about dyslexia Mum made the dinning room into a study room and every night went over stuff. She went to college and was the first student diagnosed officially with dyslexia there. She won student of the year and they went on to build facilities at the college for learning difficulties. She was kicked out at 18 after my Mum sided with my Dad and not her on something. She was told she would never be able to have children and a year on from being told that she was pregnant and no one knew how her daughter is now 5 years old!

They’re my role models because they’ve always made it through. Sister 1 lives not to far away but takes about an hour by public transport to get there and Sister 2 lives on the other side of London so I don’t get to see them as much as I like but this Saturday were all getting ready together!!! So although I’m not the hen party type and I don’t drink and I may not be able to get in the club it is all worth it to spend the time with my Sisters…


All photos from We Heart It

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  1. Darling I love this post, it resonates with me so much there's 15 years between me and my (half) sister (i'm the youngest), and we were brought up to be very very independent too - the love you have for them both is so strong and I hope they read your blog because they would feel amazing afterwards! Got a bit tearful I did!

    Jenny x