Friday, 29 October 2010

Watch Me....


Ok so I said all post until the weekend would be hen party related well I lied because something exciting has happened I start being on payroll for my amazing new job on Monday!!! (Although I can’t actually start until my CRB check is back) It’s a lot of money for us. I currently work part time in a high street clothes shop. It’s not even about the money though it’s a good job, I really like it and I can do it. I will actually be good at this job!!!

I tell you I’m a people person, I love all people, I love being with people but sometimes working in retail can be just a little bit soul destroying. I am really going to miss working where I am at the moment because the people are so lovely which I really didn’t expect after only working there two months.

But the new job means The Boyfriend and I can have our first great Christmas we have never really had money just to spend on us normally we scrape to get everyone else a gift and end up with nothing ourselves. So this year everyone is getting a little gift and I shall spoil The Boyfriend rotten!!!!

More hen party stuff later

Photo: It says at bottom of photo where it’s from but I can’t read it so if it’s yours please let me know I will credit it sorry.

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