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As you already know from an earlier post I love my sisters. Over the last two years we all really dealt with A LOT. I was unemployed for 9 months and dealing with depression and a miscarriage. Sister 1 broke up with her long-term boyfriend and her son grew up fast and went to work in Spain for the summer. Sister 2’s boyfriend was unbelievably ill and she was also suffering with depression and a whole lot more. So as you can imagine living far away from each other we don’t really see each other very often. I work in retail and have no car; Sister 1 is on a tight budget and planning an awesome wedding. Sister 2 has a little girl and a stepson and lives ages away, so schedules always clash.

The hen night has been planned for a while, but when going back home it is easier to stay with someone for the night that come home and I can’t afford a hotel or B&B so I was going to stay with my mum and get ready there and go back there after. Which to be honest is what normally happens when there is a family event on.

Then earlier on in the week Sister 1 phoned me and said “hey do you want to spend the day with me on Saturday before the hen do”, without having to think “UMMM YESS” was my answer. So now it’s turning out to be a great weekend because,
1) My sister is coming to get me from my front door so I don’t have to travel an hour by train. (LOVE HER)
2) I will spend the day with my big sis shopping, watching her get her eyebrows threaded (ouch!) and saying what a nightmare our mum can be!!!
3) Later in the afternoon Sister 2 will turn up (without my niece who I love with all my heart but I do love some sister time.)
4) We are all getting ready TOGETHER!!!!

Ok so the importance of this is that this hasn’t happened since, well since forever because Sister 1 moved out before I was born and Sister 2 moved out when I was like 8. I am so excited because when I was a kid Sister 2 used to get ready to go out with her friends and I used to lie on her bed and watch her and think how cool she was. Also one of my most favourite memories ever is singing we are family with hairbrushes in front of the mirror in the living room with my mum dancing around in the background. We have never all got ready at the same time and I can’t wait!!!

Just to give you a little insight about my sister’s characters. Once we all went shopping together on a Saturday to Ikea (you might of heard of it, its that little shop where hundreds of people go shopping on a Saturday.) One of the show rooms was arranged on a stage, well need I say more, two outgoing Sisters see a stage and have sulky teenage sister in hand. So the only thing to do jump on said stage and start singing… yeah that’s right singing with hairbrushes from their bags to all of the people in Ikea. I died they loved it.

So although at heart I’m not really a party girl (shock horror a 20 year old girl born in Basildon Essex doesn’t like to party) if any one can bring out my inner diva and make me strut my stuff well then you better believe it’s these two, their pros.

Love Sister 3

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