Sunday, 31 October 2010

Happy Halloween!

So its Halloween and although I live in England where people don't really do anything for it I love it! So I hope you have a great time where ever you are. My favorite things about it are toffee apples and really little kids dressed up & how they say trick or treat makes me emotional.

A little story for you the first Halloween the boyfriend and I spend together we went to the supermarket to get a pumpkin but they were sold out as it was the night of Halloween. Having never done much for it because my mum hates Halloween I really wanted to have a pumpkin.

So as we were walking home we walked past a house with loads of lit jack o'lanterns. And the boyfriend being all romantic and trying to impress his new girlfriend stole a pumpkin while the candle was still burning inside. (he left the money for it) I was so impressed that I sort of blocked out the stealing with the romance lol and its something we joke about every year now....

Love Simone

P.S. photo from we heart it.

P.P.S. gossip about the hen party in it's way this week but I'm still recovering.
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