Monday, 11 October 2010

And did you know no matter where it takes us now And did you know our love will never die...

I love reading blogs I recently got a new phone and I have apps galore for blogs one to write my posts one for keeping on top of all the blogs I love. It also helps me stay on top of my personal Facebook and then the blog Twitter and I'm currently working on a blog Facebook fan page.

The reason I tell you this is that when I started this blog I emailed a lot of the blogs I love, asking if I could say I love them on my blog and every single person that did reply to my emails (and it was most of them) did so with joy and encouragement saying if I needed anything to drop them an email.

I really didn't (and still don't really) know anything about blogging but I what I do know from my few few months of blogging is that this blog thing its all about community and its amazing! People told me just keep commenting on other blogs use Twitter and if your patient someone might read your blog. This happened last month when I commented on 'Rock My Wedding' and my blog got more views in the following hours than ever before! This made me very excited.

Then last night I was updating the blog and Twitter and a blog I love Hi-Fi Weddings started following me! ME! This caused for dancing and big smiles not only that but when I tweeted about it they tweed back! Even I only ever have one follow on twitter or only one person reads my blog a month I could never stop because I feel such pride in my little corner of the web and I can truly say I'm addicted to blogging!

What are your favorite blogs and what the most surprising or nicest thing that's happened to you while in blog land?


Song for today - Maria Taylor - Cartoons And Forever Plans
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