Monday, 29 November 2010

Getting ready for my sisters big day...

Morning ladies so the wedding was amazing and this week will be me retelling it in all its glory; this is the first photos of me on the blog! eek!!

My planning started Friday night I was waiting up till 12 to make sure I had been paid. (Thank God I was or I would have missed the whole thing) My Sister wasn't having any adult bridesmaids so didn't have a maid of honour I thought I would do the little things I knew my mum wouldn't think of, so I made a play list of love songs and songs I know my sister loves. (More on that later) Then once I was paid it was off to bed. (I’m sorry not so exciting yet lol)

When I woke up I was stupidly excited like it was Christmas, I hate to think what I'll be like when the Boyfriend and I get married. All packed and ready I went to Mums early on Friday by train, where she picked me up we went home quickly to drop my stuff off my Sister Becky called to say she was also so excited. Then we went to the town centre to meet my Sister Emma and Husband-to-be Tony at Starbucks. (This is not related in anyway but for three weeks now I have given up sugar in tea and I'm just a little bit proud of my self anyway lol) They were both so excited He was going to get his haircut and she needed make-up, eyebrows threading and a pedicure. While she went and had her eyebrows done Mum and I went to buy all the banners and balloons to decorate the house. While trying to pick a card Mum cried when she read one I mean tears down her eyes crying not just tearing up so she declared it to be the one lol. I decided that I would get Emma some helium balloons just as a gift but would get these when she wasn't around.

The girls went to boots (earned my Mum some points lol) Purchasing false eyelashes, (thanks Jenny! great tip) False stick on nails for Emma and loads of other stuff now the plan was to go and have our nails done for Mum and I and Emma to have her pedicure but they had no room :( so we all agreed we'd go back in the morning good job the wedding was until 4.30pm. So we parted ways as Sis and her H-T-B Tony still had stuff to do. I had my blunt fringe cut in for £2 yeah I know right I was so happy! Then it was on to By the Balloons as we were discussing where to go to get the balloons My sister appeared behind us she didn't hear anything but Mum and I must have looked so guilty then we had to try and get rid of her...

Without Emma and Tony, Mum and I went to 'The Balloon Man' of course to get balloons where else would you go really. This man is amazing I've been buying balloons from him since the start of secondary school on friend’s birthdays. We purchased 3 helium balloons, two round ones in her wedding colours of burgundy The Balloon man wrote on these 'Mrs *Last Name*' on and the other one 'Bride To Be' and a white heart one that said 'Best Wishes On Your Wedding Day' we love a balloon in our family so was so excited I knew she'd love It.

Later that evening Emma's friend and hair dresser Yazz turned up to set Emma and The eldest bridesmaids hair in rollers, she was amazing she's so lovely she was at Emma's hen party. She brought with her 2 bottles of wine :D. When Emma arrived she brought 3 bottles of wine with her, and mum had some wine and champagne in the fridge lol. I put on the play list I had made the night before and gave Emma her balloons she loved them. Now in my family at parties I am normally the one in charge of the music I know what each member of my families favourite songs are I know what order to play them in so that everything is balanced it's something I'm actually very proud of. When I put the play list on my sister said song after song "Oh Simone I love this one" I was so happy laughing and we we’re having a great time having fun having our hair done.

As we finished bottle after bottle of wine we got drunker and drunker we watched a video Emma's friend had made for her and Tony for the wedding and before we knew it in was 11.30 at but of course we stayed up till midnight to see in the wedding day! We all went to bed excited and very drunk...

More tomorrow with more pictures.

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