Thursday, 25 November 2010

Sunday best...

...well Saturday Best in this case...

Well today is the last day I'm at home before my Sister's wedding. Early tomorrow I shall be on a train to my Mums to help her get the house in shape (Sisters getting ready there and my Mum wants the house to look good in the photos) Then we have a day of getting ourselves ready (nails done, full fringe cut in, etc) Then the evening we will be sorting the church and I will be spending the night with my Mum and Bride to be sister and I can't wait! Having my favourite home cooked meal braised steak and dumplings :D

So I thought you might like to know what I'm going to wear on this very special day because I love my outfit!

So first up is The coat which I spent a whole year lusting over and shall get its debut at the wedding.

This coat will be my saving grace because it is supposed to snow this weekend and it means I can be warm and still look good *win win*

Under this I shall be wearing a fabulous green dress from ASOS which was also a bargain because I used an online discount code again and got it for like half price *result* :)

When the dress arrived and I saw it on the hanger it really wasn't all that, I thought I'd made a huge mistake, but when you put it on OMG it's amazing it fits so well it's a great shape and the shirt comes out at the waist slightly it makes me feel confident and so happy (unlike the model wearing it what's up with her face?)

This will be warn with very thick black tights because hate my legs and its going to snow people!!! (I figured you know what tights look like they're not the most interesting now are they) I shall also be wearing big pull everything in knickers you know the kind you all have them but if your looking for a pair and your size 14 or over then head to YOURS clothing because they are comfortable and a steal at under £10 (some are less than £5 at the moment) Also checkout the bras a whole range of sizes and that make your boobs look A-MAZ-ING! For like £12 a bra!

Now we all ladies here so on to the shoes... you may be a little disappointed they are flats (the boyfriend begged please to not buy heels you won't enjoy yourself you will moan all night and you want to enjoy yourself, right?) So I took his advice but would you look at these...

I LOVE THEM! I thought for the day my dress is nice with the coat but in the evening when the coat comes off (believe me I'm not happy about it but apparently I'll get to hot or it'll be rude or something) The dress is a little plain and with out heels I thought it wouldn't look dressy enough.

Jewellery is difficult because my Sister is not having any adult bridesmaids me and my sister have taken the roles but don't have to wear the dresses or walk down the aisle (thank you!) but she got us these (see above) But ours have diamonds in the middle of the flowers which I love but with a fur coat and pearls I’m a little scared I might end up looking like this (see below) Glamorous yes, fun and ready to party not so much! So I thought for The wedding I will wear some small pearl earrings and a pearl necklace but in the evening I might put something more sparkly on not that I know what yet!

Finally the hair (see below) elegant and simple I have no idea how to do my make up for this look any suggestions would be great!

So let me know what you think and I want you all to keep in mind my Big Sister and Anna of Anna and the ring fame as she is also getting married (they both make me so jealous in what to be married like... NOW)

Lots of love and excitement


  1. That model does have a weird look on her face doesn't she?

    I think I would be going for makeup to complement the coat, maybe a bright lip and a heavily lined eye?


  2. Yeah I love this idea but I'm super rubbish at eyeliner I shake naturally all the time and the line just ends up really thick. But the red lips are totally happening what is even nicer is that my Sister that's not getting married gave me a red lip gloss and my Sisters hen party so that's lovely :)

    Also dark red nails or black?

  3. Dark red nails and a red lip!!

    If you're no good with eye liner - then I can recommend wearing a light pair of false lashes (or you can go full on thick false lashes of course, up to you!) These will define your eyes and make your eyes pop out from underneath your fringe, whilst not being too much overkill with the bright lippy.

    I love the entire ensemble, just what I would go for myself yes even the shoes!

    Have a wonderful time with your family and please add piccies for us to see!

    Jenny x

  4. Thank you so much its nice to get advice about makeup from someone who knows what they are talking about! And thank you for saying you like the outfit you are always so well dressed on your blog

    I've tried false lashes before but they kept falling off but I'll give it another go :)

    I will post pictures I'm so excited