Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Sharing the love...

This morning I woke and when I got round to looking at my RSS reader on my phone (as it's only just gone 8am you can tell this is the first thing I do) I saw this 'loveiness' post from My Spare Thoughts Saying that she thinks my blog is lovely! Well this led to me running into the kitchen to tell the boyfriend and him giving that blank look (the one that says I know your blog means the world to you but I just don't understand it) so I will also pass the love on, So my 15 most lovely/loved blogs are...

Lottie Really Loves. because we are just too a like it scares me and I love what she says.

The Urban Boheme because she's super lovely and I look forward to every single post of hers

Anna and The Ring because my god planning her wedding has not been a walk the park, she loves and fosters cats! She is also getting married on the same day as my sister.

From becoming a wife to becoming a mama because I love this blog she found me then I couldn't stop reading her blog oh the power of comments.

Daydreams in lace because I loved reading about all her wedding planning and now can't wait to hear all about the wedding!

What Possessed Me Because no blog makes me laugh loud or makes me say so true as much.

My Spare Thoughts Because this blog is witty well written insightful and I never miss a post

Peonies and Polaroids because this blog warms my heart it's honest and lovely and includes photos, rabbits and new born twins!

Pacing the panic room So funny! A beautiful account of family. Also the only Blog I read written by a man. (not happy about this fact will do more to change it)

I am baker because I am so in awe of this woman's talents and her ability and confidence to completely change recipes. I want so of her biscuits!

Hi-Fi Weddings because I'm all about the soundtrack and no one knows music better than these guys.

Any other wedding because this is a resent find I wish I had found so much earlier! Just makes so much sense.

A Practical Wedding because I love the community, the care for each other and the true honest advice that I go here when I'm lost.

Rock My Wedding because This is the second blog I found and I love it more everyday being a UK bride it can be hard to find the inspiration so this is where I go.

Savoir Weddings because I love everything that it posted and if I could afford a wedding planner I'd so be calling them.

Check them out I love all of them and you need them in your life :D



  1. This is a nice post - I read a lot of these blogs too!

    I love your site xxx


  2. Aww thank you it means so much! I like to show love for the blogs that inspire me. And now I'm reading your blog :)


  3. Thank you Simone! That's made my day, I shall share the love right back at you

    Jenny xx