Saturday, 20 November 2010

Our random little world

Happy Weekend! I hope you relaxing or just doing all the things you like. So far this morning the boyfriend and I sat in bed and listened to Radiohead then he made me bacon sandwiches and tea :D so it already a pretty good weekend.

The boyfriend works for a small company where there are only three people in the office the boyfriend, another woman and their boss who doesn’t come in until after 2pm. So he spends a fair bit of time looking at all sorts of funny things and oddities on the websites. He then sends me this and we both laugh its always childish and a totally waste of time so I thought I’d share them with you every Saturday! They could be pictures, websites, jokes or videos hope you like.

The Scale of things...

Wall-e is one of my fave films ever this made me scream when I saw it...

Now I love really bad joke really terrible ones I'm sorry...

'I once threw a boomerang to a ghost. That'll come back to haunt me.'

'Went to buy 6 cans of Sprite, turns out I picked 7up.'


When the Boyfriend sent me this picture the title of the email was Best picture Ever!

So this is the random stuff that makes us giggle though you might like it too think i'll do this every saturday.

Simone & The Boyfriend

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