Friday, 19 November 2010

Here comes the bride…

That’s my big sister and me, I’m only just born in this photo I think she’s 16, see that look of love and care she still looks at me like that even now I’m big, grown and no where near as cute but still with loads of hair. She’s the one person I run to knowing I can tell her anything and she’ll face it with me. She has been my rock as my family and I went through tough times she was the one that told me to suck it up say sorry and be part of our family because it’s the only one I’m gonna get. She also tells my mum to give me a break when she’s being too much. My sister is the best family and friend I could have ever been given, fact, end of…

One Saturday the 27th of November 2010 my sister is getting married. I am so overjoyed for her. She was married before it didn’t work out but she handled it with such grace and dignity even though the guy was a tool. She said after that she’d never get married again and it was sad because if anyone deserves the happy ending its my sister.

The man she is marring is perfect for her. My sister won’t mind me saying she’s a total control freak, is loud out going, life and soul of everyday life and tries to look after everyone, I mean everyone. He on the other hand is so laid back, funny, lets her be a control freak but knows when she needs help and most of all looks after her as much as she looks after everyone else. They are different but are exactly what the other one needs. You may ask how did they meet well they went to school together. Yup that’s right went to school together when they we’re little, then one day many years on met up again and it sort of went from there.

So perfect and do you want to know how I know its perfect? Because of the huge smile that’s been on my sisters face since they got together, her watery eyes at the rehearsal last week when the reverend was just talking through the wedding also because of the fact she said when they got engaged I just want to marry him tomorrow I could do without all the bits and bobs I just want to be his wife. I’m so excited to be reading at their wedding, to be a part of such a special day in their lives together.

So to my sister who I won’t actually let read my blog yet good luck, well done and thank you for showing us how true love is possible. I love you…

You will hear so much more about the wedding before next week and after. This time next week we’ll both be staying at my mum’s house before the wedding and I can’t wait!!!


P.S. sorry about poor quality of the photo.

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