Thursday, 18 November 2010

The engagement / pre-wedding shoot...

I already know who I want as our photographer for the wedding I found her a year ago and her pictures are so light and beautiful but they convey such emotion and no matter how many weddings I look at I haven't once been swayed by another photographers art. (I shall reveal who at a later date.)

I am shy person in front of cameras but the boyfriend is super shy and hates the idea of being centre of attention at the wedding so when I mentioned an engagement shoot it went a lot like this...

Simone: how do you feel about having an engagement shoot?
The boyfriend: *completely blank look* a what now?
S: oh its a shoot with the wedding photographer before the wedding so we can get used to being infront of the camera.
TB: *blank but scared look*
S: yeah that's pretty much how I thought this conversation would go...

Which kills me because I had all these great places for us to go and take our photos but its not always about me...
Are you having one of these shoots or did you have one if so how was it and where did you go?

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  1. Ahhh... a contentious subject indeed. I was open to this the first time I saw one...but then...well, I got a bit sick of engagement shoots. I blogged about it here

  2. Yeah I'm starting to feel like that too, I was thinking the pictures would look nice in our house one day and the boyfriend said he'd rather have a house full of natural happy photos so there's the silver lining