Monday, 6 December 2010

Oh what a week...

So I haven't posted since last Monday, I promised I would fill you all in about my Sisters wedding and then I sort of disappeared sorry about that but what a week it was!

Sunday: I stayed up till midnight because I got paid from my new job that I haven't actually started yet because they are waiting for my CRB check to come back. Yeah I know it sounds to good to be true, (that’s why I waited up) but its actually happening, the month before Christmas and I haven't actually even been trained for the job yet! So being the optimist I am I brought all my Christmas presents online right there and then before some one realised they had made a mistake and would try to take it all back. (They never did try to take it back!) Then it was time for bed as the boyfriend had work the next morning.

Monday: The boyfriend and I got up; He got ready for work I made his lunch and sorted washing a boring stuff like that I posted on the blog. The we met on the bus the boyfriend gets home from work that if you stay on it goes all the way to a Lakeside shopping centre. We tried Gourmet Burger for the first time we loved it!

Also they serve Coca-Cola in the glass bottles boyfriend commented when he saw them about how happy he knew I would be. (First picture with the boyfriend in well sort of) So having just been paid we did the only thing to do spend it! I had after all sorted all my Christmas presents so we treated ourselves :) Also I booked an appointment at the opticians because not having the right glasses was now making me have headaches and feel sick!

Tuesday: The boyfriend felt rubbish the next day sometimes he just gets these hideous stomach ache and is sick for no reason what so ever, in the middle of the night we had decided that he wouldn't be going to work the next day. When we woke and opened the curtains there was snow... everywhere! But I had made my appointment at the opticians and was determined that a bit of snow wouldn't stop me. I got to the bus stop the bus arrived on time (I was shocked) it took slightly longer to get to Lakeside, but as the bus got closer all the outside parking was empty! Not a car in sight I thought it was closed it wasn't but inside it was pretty dead! I had my eye test done I had already picked out my frames they were Huge Boss frames that would cost £140 which almost killed me.

*Sorry for the horrible picture I will explain*

I'm really picky about frames because
1. I have a huge head and wide face, which means normally glasses look tiny on my face.
2. I hate this new trend of skinny glasses because all I do is look over and under them.
3. If they are not wide then I constantly notice the frame and it drives me crazy!
So I thought old school Ray Bans might be a good option I have been looking at them for well over a year and half but when actually tried them on they are tiny, made my head look huge. Also now every other hipster is now wear them! So not cool. (Sound like my mother) So I have the perfect frames then they inform me that lenses will be another £100!!! I don't really have a lot of choice but they say if I do have stuff to do then they can have them ready in 1 hour, £240 for glasses I should hope so lol. So I went and got some pyjamas, (See above picture.) and went and had something to eat. Got my glasses LOVE them and head of to the bus stop...

Well this is where it all goes wrong when I get to the bus stop it is like a blizzard out side the snow is seriously deep and it's freezing! I got to the bus stop at 4.45pm all other buses are coming every 20 minuets, my bus is delayed so I wait... and I wait, someone asks another bus driver if our bus is still running he informs us that it is, so I wait. Then I call the boyfriend to tell him what’s going on and he tells me it took his Mum an hour and a half to drive home from close to Lakeside to our house! Which meant even when the bus did turn up I wouldn't be home for ages. Ok its fine I said I wasn't going to let the snow get in my way. (Although it was sort of kicking my ass)

*This is me time with my new glases on waiting in the cold for the bus, I'm so bored*

I kid you not at 6.30pm our bus is still nowhere in sight, but every other bus is still coming every 20 minuets! So I text the Future Mother-In-Law and explain how long I have been waiting and that I am hearing they have closed the QE2 bridge that you sort of have to go near in order to get home by bus and that it will take me hours even if the bus does turn up. She at that point is cooking, she says if the bus is not there by 7.30pm she will come and get me (this is huge the weather was shocking! I could have kissed her) I am very grateful, happy even and then my phone flashes...

Low battery please connect charger less 10%. OH COME ON, GIVE ME A BREAK! I have to turn my phone off and keep asking the people that are also stuck what the time is, and slowly they are getting picked up or taking other buses. I finally text at 7.20pm I really don't think the bus is going to show. I get a speedy reply of we're on our way! (Love the boyfriend and his Mum) But an hour later I'm still waiting I expected this though but now my phone is totally dead and I'm starting to lose my mind. And then at 8.20pm the bus turns up... :-O seriously! I can't contact anyone have no idea where The boyfriend is so I stay at the bus stop and watch the bus I have been waiting 4 hours for drive off. 10 minuets later the boyfriend and his Mum turn up and ask if that was the bus that just went past it is all I can do not to cry!

The photo of me in my new PJ's is once I finally got home I have been standing for 6 hours solid and was so glad to be in the warm.

Wednesday and Thursday Christmas present slowly arrived despite the snow, the boyfriend is still off work due to still being ill so I have to play in the snow on my own in our garden while he takes pictures of me room the computer room of our house. On Thursday night the boyfriend is feeling better and we go on a midnight walking in the snow to Tesco (24hr one) To get goodies.

*Not the coolest picture ever but I really love snow well at least when I'm not stuck at a bus stop*

Friday: I decide to give the boyfriend one of his Christmas present early, and its his biggest one because he has been ill for a whole week and I know its killing him to know its under the bed. I give him his brand new xbox 360 the new black Thin one and watch him open it is amazing. Recently we haven't stuck to actual date for celebrations, valentines, anniversaries and so on thought why not keep with it. I can't remember the last time I got him a proper present for his birthday, Christmas or other occasion because we have been so broke and its just how I wanted it to be!

I feels like the week has wound down slightly from the beginning of the week and I'm so glad. The boyfriend is going out with his friends for the night I have a bath. When I get out he texts me ‘looks like a lock in not going to be home till late,’ this is totally fine with me I still have Private Practice and Grey's Anatomy to watch. I watch these and Disney's Sword In The Stone because we've only just got it and I so tried I'm falling asleep. I text the boyfriend to let him know I'm going to sleep (no reply) and I turn everything off and go to sleep.

10 minuets later I can hear shouting out side, and I think please God don't let be the boyfriend... Then our front door opens, oh no it is... OK well I know he's drunk from the shouting, but how drunk are we talking. This is easy to figure out with the boyfriend because the drunker he gets the more he bumps into stuff and the more unintentional noise is made... They is a lot of bumping into things and I know this is going to be hilarious because the boyfriend is one funny drunk... expect that as he walks through the door he is drunker than I have ever seen him he is totally white and he doesn't think anything is very funny at all. He fell over and on the ice and snow and has really damaged his hip, which he keeps calling his ankle. He actually can't stand up and he is trying to undress himself so I jump to his rescue.

I don't understand how he is this drunk, he sort of explains that he only got one round and everyone else was buying drinks and he keeps telling me it was worth it to be in with them down the pub (this has never mattered before but now is of top importance like it is the only thing he has ever wanted) I'm totally confused, then he goes on to tell me he has been dancing. I almost fall over at this information; if there are certain things I know about the boyfriend it is that,
1. He looks down on people that get this drunk. He normally doesn't see the point or he doesn’t drink at all.
2. He hates dancing and parties, which has lead to endless fights between us this happened only last week at my Sisters wedding.

But here he is all of those things it's like I've never met him before. I finally get him into bed. I go to get a drink when I get down stairs the shoe rack is broken, all of the coats are on the floor and the cats look truly scared and I can't blame them. When I return he is half asleep so I sit reading I want to make sure he is ok I have asked if he feels sick but he assures me he doesn't. As I'm reading his breathing changes and I know it means he is going to be sick I jump up and get the bathroom door wedged open, make sure there is a clear path to the toilet. I then haul him out of bed because his hip hurts and he is too drunk to stand on his own. I get him there on time he is sick and it is not pretty I run around getting drinks and cleaning up for another 2 hours while this happens on and off. He keeps telling me how sorry he is, how he knows how mad he would be if I came home like this (which he would!) how much he appreciates me, and how nice I am being. Which is actually quite funny but I'm totally exhausted at this point.

He finally stops being sick at quarter to 5, and he is asleep by 5am snoring and everything. I stay up till 6am just to make sure he is ok, at which point I can no longer fight sleep. As I drift off I remember we are both meant to be going shopping in the morning with his Mum and I know I'll be going alone.
Saturday: I wake up at half 11 and Future Mother-In-Law and I do indeed go shopping the rest of the day consisted of naps and TV watching and retelling the events that unfolded the night before.

Sunday: I cooked my first ever Beef Roast Dinner and it is delicious!

So that was last week, sorry the post was so long but so much happened I just had to share! I will continue this week with my sisters wedding and other stuff too. And will catch up with Advent. Hope your week was better. Also praying this week will be less eventful.


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