Wednesday, 8 December 2010


Today I brought a wedding magazine I used to do this a few times a month, now I do it maybe once every 4 months.

Today I got one because I'm not really one to follow celebrities, I guess I just don't care enough about who another person is dating, what/who they are wearing or if they are perceived as far or thin this week. I find fashion magazines off putting as a larger person I find these magazine are not made for me. Not only that but they are just not my style. So I got the wedding mag as a fall back, last resort if you will.

I have had it mear hours and I'm irritated firstly at myself for spending £5 on a mag (I could have got a book, always look for a book before even looking at the bridal mags, come now Simone!) that I should have known would have left me irritated and without inspiration.

But mostly I'm irritated at bridal magazines for a whole year they advertise the same dresses, the same themes, the same honeymoons just in different colours and with different models and each time they charge £5! The two things that really opened my eyes on this occasion were,
1. Here get this celebrities wedding look for your self, here is a similar wedding dress/engagement ring for £10,000! I kid you not they haven't even tried to scale this down.

2. After looking through pages of adverts for the must have dresses and looking at the must have dress styles for 2011 they have a piece written by an 'expert' on wedding dresses. It says brides should look for a timeless dress so when you look back on your wedding photos it won't look dated. Seriously you can't see the irony in printing this wedding mag? After all that selling and all the adverts (my god there are so many!) the 'experts' answer is ignore the wedding mag.

I guess my point is I'm glad I found blogs, yes they still have trends, what's in and what isn't but there is far more variety. Blogs are much more accommodating to a couple on a budget, hey even to a couple at all. (four pages that's all that grooms to be got in the mag) There is a much greater range of themes, colours, people on blogs than in the mags and I honestly don't think I'll buy another but I would find it much more difficult to give up blogs.

Also on a personal moan I'm just not getting off the ground with our wedding, my mum is done with weddings now since my sister had hers, my dad is trying to push my other sister's fiance into setting a date, (hello ready and raring to go over here) the boyfriends new motto to everything is can't it wait till the new year and my best friend/maid of honour is living it up at uni.

Also to add to my wedding planning blues the I don't need a real diamond or even a costly fake engagement ring, ring turned my finger green so I am once again without engagement ring. I know that this doesn't make our engagement or intent to marry any less its just, I know the things I want are a way off into the future, laptop, wedding, flat and baby (funny how things the boyfriend wants such as xbox and fast internet are always sorted... just saying) but I am engaged I love being engaged and I would very much like a ring... *grumble grumble stamp foot and pout*

Sorry for all the ranting, feel free to rant right back,
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