Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Did I ever mention I used to be kick ass...

Seriously not to blow my own trumpet but I was. Not that I had a clue...

Look at that girl above with her hair she cut herself but still rocked it like some professional cut it, the leopard print scarf stolen from my Mum. I was 17 it was in my first year of college, I was the kid that knew all these new bands that no one else had ever heard of, and they would always ask me what they should be listening to or I'd be in the corner listening to my iPod drawing. Yeah I was That kid.

The girl next to me is my best friend in the whole world we met first day of high school we've been friends ever since. She'll be my maid of honour.

We we're different but we totally got each other, I was loud and by this point being raised as an only child (Sisters were grown up and moved out) and my parents we're really interested, I had left school to go to college, I had loads of friends that were loud and crazy that I had to look after.

She was shy, came from a family where her siblings were close to her age and her parents cared, they had an amazing non council house. She stayed on at sixth form. She was the only friend I had were I could be me, be loud because she always had my back she did all the thinking for me.

We got her into clubs blagging using her bank card as her I.D., we went shopping in Camden at the weekend. We saw live bands. We were awesome and some of the the best times I've ever had are with this amazing girl!

At the weekend she turns 21! I have no idea how we got to this point but for the first time in years we're meeting up and going out for the night. I'm so excited!!!!

So Tomorrow will be Christmas catch up then Friday will be what I'm wearing to the party day!!!


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