Thursday, 6 January 2011

Help dress dilemma...

What a day I had yesterday I started writing the Christmas post and this post and my computer started beeping violently at me, and then it wouldn't turn on, then it sorted its self out. (the same thing happened later on with mother-in-law to be's laptop how strange!) Then The two Dresses and pair of shoes in this post that I ordered on Wednesday for next day delivery and paid extra postage for never turned up! The party is tonight! and at this rate I'm gonna have to throw something together. I emailed ASOS at 10pm last night (they delivery until 9pm) saying my stuff was missing they sent an auto-message saying they would reply in 24 hours, yeah thanks will be too late by then. So fingers crossed by some miracle stuff arrives!!! I've never had a problem before and I love there stuff so much. now on the the post....

So I told you Friday would be a little fashion show well because it's my best friends 21st. Well I ordered two dresses, I like both but didn't know how dressy the party would be but now much friend has mentioned she shall be purchasing a killer dress and I can't decide which one to wear.

The first I got mainly because it was £9, yes I know you should never buy something just because it was cheap but it met all the requirements, had sleeves, wasn't black, was a dress. Also it meant I could purchase dream shoes (I'll come back to this)

Its from ASOS yes it is my favourite shop, but I'm only just realising how much it's like the dress I wore to my sisters Wedding...

The second dress I have wanted it since August, for my sisters Hen Party but I couldn't justify the price then but it's in the sale, I have also seen it on someone else my size and it looked stunning! However it is black and it doesn't have sleeves but it is a dress.
Again From ASOS really I'm turning into a walking advert for them. The only thing I don't love about ASOS is the very grumpy model.

So my question ladies is which one? Neither dress is actually here yet but if by some miracle they both appear which one would you pick I'm taking both dresses with me and will have my phone so any time today your opinion would help.

So will be wearing one of those dresses and as you might remember from the discussion of the outfit for Big Sisters Wedding that I wore flat shoes the reason for this when I wear heels it resembles an elephant in stilettos A) because I am stupidly clumsy B) because I never wear them. Nothing to do with size I've seen girls my size rock a pair of heels. I have only once worn a pair of heels that could be kept on comfortably all night and they were shocking pink wedge shoes from Evans, they looked like Spice Girls/hooker shoes... not your regular wear type of heel but when looking for a dress I found these...
I Love them! I find it so0 hard to find shoes so I got them and they are the same style as the the dream shoes but in black so fingers crossed I can rock them.

Well thanks to Jenny I am now a complete convert to false eyelashes loved them as my sisters party and the fact it looks like eyeliner to amazing! So night will be all about the eyes smokey loveliness, I like my eyes about me most so am quite good at doing my own eye makeup. If wearing the Purple dress I shall be wearing Purple smokey eyes which is a good look on me with my green eyes and dark hair and if wearing the black dress I will be going silver and grey smokey.

With simple lips a natural colours light plum/pink. Nails I'm thinking Black with the purple dress or a colour maybe with the back dress maybe even grey/silver. I have no idea what accessories i will be wearing yet.

Hair I'm going to wear my hair down, but I am undecided if it will be straight or wavy yet...

So ladies your thoughts are welcome and encouraged what do you think?



  1. I love ASOS too!
    Have either dress turned up yet? If so, I'd go for the second one, tis gorgeous.
    Loving the shoes too - ASOS as well?

  2. Everything came today at 12pm! And the second dress looks amazing on like crazy good and its so slimming
    Yeah the shoes are from asos too
    Thanks for your comment

  3. So glad to hear that your dresses arrived :D I was gonna say go for the purple one but sounds like you'll be going with number two! x

  4. not particularly contructive but lovely, lovely, lovely!!