Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Starting to feel as though someone's out to get me...

On Sunday night at midnight I was completely fine cuddled up to the boyfriend watching 'How I Met Your Mother' an hour later my left shoulder starts to ache and the ache becomes serious pain not because I'm moving it, its just increasing. This pain starts to move down to my elbow and my hand starts going numb with pins and needles. The boyfriend looks up my symptoms and tells me he can't find anything thing. He is Lying to me. He makes me call NHS Direct.

I fight him on this matter telling him it's probably nothing. (I always under play sickness something drilled into me by my Mum) He starts to look very nervous when I do this, I know he has found something he's not telling me so I panic.
Me: "What did you find just tell me!"
Him: "Please don't panic but this can be the symptoms of a heart attack..."

I'm on the phone to NHS Direct tell them my symptoms the woman sounds worried, but they have no free nurses to talk to me and they say they will call me back. I'm feeling so much worse I'm starting to shake, I'm crying because the pain and I'm scared. They call me back the nurse asks me if I've ever had a heart attack before...! I haven't I'm so scared so is the boyfriend.

They send a paramedic and he does some test, he's not really saying anything apart from wait for the ambulance to get here. It is here soon after and the do an ECG and check my blood pressure and confirm I'm not having a heart attack... thank God! As the fear is going away I realise we have no money to get home Kyle runs in to get some. But neither of us have coats on I'm wearing bed shocks and pumps I'm going to regret this later. I feel silly now they made me think it was a heart attack and now I'm going to hospital it could be nothing.

We get to hospital and the pain is moving its all in my mouth, neck and back. I have a terrible headache. We have to wait for 4 hours to see someone despite being the only people in A&E. The waiting is fine to start with we were just grateful it wasn't a heart attack but the longer we're there tiredness sets in and my pain gets worse. Finally I do get to see a doctor and he makes me feel a bit stupid he tells me I've got acid reflux which means my stomach acid come up out of stomach and burns my insides. He sends me home without giving me any thing.

We get outside I cry I feel so stupid. The boyfriend will now miss work, we have to get the bus home its freezing and we have no coats. I'm so embarrassed I don't say a word all the way home. All I'm thinking is so far in the last month I've lost my job, I've realised I'm not really in touch with any of my friends and I've been taken to hospital and feels so stupid. We have to walk quiet away from away from the bus stop to home. I'm in pain, freezing cold and can't really breath.

We get in we've both had enough it's been a rubbish night the boyfriend makes me tea which in my tired state I spill on myself and burn my hand. This is the final straw I burst into tears and run off to bed but there is no comfortable way to sleep.

The whole night the boyfriend was amazing I really don't know what I would have done without him. This acid reflux means I will have to completely change my diet. Its a day later and I'm still sore.

So that was my rubbish Sunday night.
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  1. Ooh honey, your post is upsetting. What an awful thing to happen, I hope you are okay now? My mum has acid reflux, she has a drug prescribed by her doctor that really helps, hopefully if you go speak to yours they will help xx

  2. Oh, you are having quite the time of it. Hope you are feeling slightly better and the doctors are able to offer advice to ease the symptoms.

  3. For bad days there are good days too- hang onto your silver linings (like your boyfriend).

    Fingers crossed things settle down soon