Friday, 21 January 2011

"Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and life to everything." - Plato

Recently there has been a lot of darkness and sadness on this blog and in my life, To be honest it's been a tough two years! Those two years have consisted of, death, unemployment, the break-up of friendships, being kicked out of my family home and depression, Every single obstacle that hit me over those two years took a little bit of who I was away from me. My art was a daily necessity to me before, now I'm uninspired and it's nonexistent. My need for new music used to feed my soul, give me strength, be my whole life, this became unimportant, what could music really do? What could the perfect poetic lyrics do? They didn't find me work or bring in money what good was it really?

I tell you this because last night I went to see WakeyWakey, a Christmas present from the boyfriend. I haven't been to a gig in God knows how long. Last night I could feel the old me starting to come back just getting ready. Choosing a new outfit that I love and made me confident. Getting excited about something! Actually excited could shut up up about it, I don't want to miss this excited.

Once the boyfriend was home we set off. I love traveling by train and I love London even more. We live close enough that we can see the skyline near our house but that feeling as the skyline draws nearer is of awe of this place so filled with everything you think it should burst. So much diversity in everything makes you feel like the world is really out there. It's easy to forget when you spend all day in one place, with nothing to do.

Sorry about the poor quality of all the photo's

When we arrived at Relentless Garage, I couldn't believe how little it was. I've never seen a gig in a space so small but it was so good. We had missed the first warm up Tom Lyons but he got a good response when he came back on later in the night. I had seen on twitter that Casey Shea was going to be warm up. I love love him I have done for over a year now, his song 'Roll your windows down' is easily one of my favorite ever songs. It is the song that I listen to when I am defeated and all hope is gone. It calms me makes me breath and I am able to face another day.

Unfortunately he didn't play it but my word he and his band were incredible such fun and full of energy. They love what they do you could see it and his voice was crazy good. The crowd were still not into the night yet at this point no matter how much the band tried to get them going. It was just a great bonus to see him and although my boyfriend only came for me he ended up really loving Casey! which is always good.

Then after a short break WakeyWakey came on and the whole club went crazy, WakeyWakey is mainly Michael Grubbs but he was joined by a band of backing singer Bailey Tzuke who had a lovely voice, bass player Jimmy Sims who played music that goes straight into your body so you can actually feel it he also had amazing hair lol, drummer Matthew Racher who was so cool to watch play and violinist Oli Langford I can honestly say I've never see someone rock out on a violin before he was the best!

You would not have thought that this band didn't play together every day. They were flawless. Grubbs however was a total winner, natural and funny interacting with the crowd every chance he got. The best parts of the night were the times when he honestly said how much this meant to him how he would remember this night forever. You felt you were really helping, you were at the start of something great or at least just there to witness someones dream come true.

He played all my favorite songs every single one I love and as I stood in front of my boyfriend some times I felt that even though I was totally surrounded by people I was alone that they were playing just for me sensing all my pain and healing me. With lyrics like:
"see it feels bad now but its gonna get better"
"I know you want to stay in bed But it's light outside It's light outside"
"I know you want to rest your head and just forget the night forget the night So you know I am going to stay right here And sit by your side"

These are all the songs and words that get me through those mornings when I can't get up and can't see past today. The crowd were loving every single second there were people from all over Europe, all different ages, all singing and having a great time together. I love the way music can take complete strangers and give them a common interest. There was a man standing next to me that sung so loudly, with such conviction like he had to sing or he would burst it was the greatest thing to see. As the night drew to a close Grubbs announced he would be at the bar to meet every single person that wanted to meet him. he ended the night with "We've come to the end of the night but God hasn't it been a fucking good one". It truly was a great night.

He did go to the bar the greet every person signing things for them and having pictures taken the wait was long but we waited it out. In the meantime Casey Shea was walking around just saying high to everyone and i was so excited because I love him, and now my boyfriend thought he was great to. I said hello and how I love his music and was so excited when I found out he would be warm up. He was gracious and friendly. I told him my boyfriend was now a fan and Casey thanked him, he hugged me and we had a photo together and then he moved on to the next person. It was amazing I was shaking this man his music his words had helped to wake my soul, to help me feel alive.

I was waiting in line to see Michael Grubbs, I was a bit disappointed because we had to sell stuff in order to go there that night (yes we're at that stage) and it's become a tradition that I get a shirt from every gig I go to but we just didn't have the money, also Casey and WakeyWakey had CD's that are so hard to get hold of over here that it killed me not to be able to get them and have them signed it would have been amazing. There was however a poster on the wall next to the merch stand with the bands times on and I asked the merch guys if I could have it they were fine about it. So I went back to Casey and asked him to sign it, I apologised that it wasn't his merch and explained about selling stuff and that I would buy it online when I could. He was so amazing not only didn't he sign the poster "Your the Best, CS" he also gave me one of his t-shirts in fact the last one! That was it this man now forever great in my eyes, biggest smile on my face, this would never happen with a bigger band in a bigger venue.

Then we waited another 35 minuets to see Michael Grubbs, we were one of the last 10 people waiting to see him. He was such a great guy the type of person you could imagine just hanging out with. (oh I so wish I could hang out with him and Casey!) I told him that he was better live than on CD (so true it was mind blowing) and what had happened with Casey and The T-shirt that it had made my day, and that selling stuff to see him had been totally worth it. He said he had no t-shirts left or he would have done the same signed my poster, had a photo with me, said hi to my boyfriend and told us to get home safe. As we left I was walking on air it had been the best night I had, had in years! So many over gig will be seen now.

I had such an amazing time


  1. What a great blog post Simone! Thanks so much for writing that. I had to lift a quote from it for the Family Records blog:

  2. Thank you so much you've made my year. I couldn't sleep last night waiting to write this post. I had such an amazing time thank you. I'm pleased I told you I liked your glasses now lol

    Can't believe my blog that no is so little was quoted! eek


  3. Glad you had a great time. Have a wonderful weekend.

  4. Great to hear you sound so much more positive, you will find things will pick up for you just roll with it. This is what life is all about and you are growing and learning every day